“Fall-ing” in love with Thorin


He’ll  be going to the beach later today, methinks. 😉

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  1. So beautiful! I love the one with the chamberstick and his photo. I’ll likely be looking at him by candlelight this winter. Yes, take him to the beach; he’ll be good company. Although I’m sure that Thumper will miss him, better to put Little Thorin in a secure location before you leave.

  2. the candlelight is so romantic. I love the vibrant and warm colors of the autumn, thank you for delighting us with your artworks. The first one is fantastic, behind his eyes there is a mystery, I like his meditation.
    you are very good at playing with images, effects, and to find appropriate titles for each one every day. I learn new words every day.

  3. I’ll take a roaring fire and a large comfy pallet in front of it. Sipping red wine and cuddling until the room and other things heat up…

    I like all of these a lot. Autumn colors suit him well since he’s a Dwarf who lives close to nature. You are having a fine time even on a gloomy day and giving us lots and lots of eye candy.

    I’m sitting here listening to the Clancy Brothers which is probably as close to Dwarven music as you are going to find these days. I think something like “The Men of the West” will be sung about the exploits of Thorin and Company.

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