Guyday Friday: Those Eyes and More


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  1. Over the past few days I have been rewatching Series one of RH – and doing a LOT of pausing, rewinding and slow-mo-ing in order to really study Guy in all his leather-clad beauty! 😉 I just finished the last disk tonight, except for the commentary, so I’m all set to start Series 2 tomorrow – Guyday Friday!! Guy looked so gorgeous in his “wedding coat” – so sleek and smooth you just wanted to run your hands over it. 🙂 As usual I had a little giggle at the “Guy Crispin Gisborne”! LOL.

    Thanks for the pick-me-up tonight, Angie! Just what I needed at the end of the day.

  2. Your beautiful images of Sir Guy always brighten my day. Aaah those eyes … I think I am severely afflicted with Guymania !!!!
    Happy Guyday Friday Angie and hope you can get some rest.

  3. Happy Guyday Friday too 🙂 his look puts KO, the first One is so magnetic, I can not stop looking.
    A pleasure for my eyes 🙂

  4. This afternoon I was listening to the commentary on episode 13 of RH S1 – “A Clue: No” – and they were making comments about Guy’s “Wedding Outfit” – specifically about his beautiful coat (wish they’d close caption it as when they are all talking at once it is hard to hear what is being said) and Lucy commented to the effect that it was “for the Armitage Army”!! LOL!

    I love the earlier scene where Marian goes to confront Guy as to whether he had been in the Holy Land to kill the king or not. When they are commenting Lucy says it is “her favourite scene in the whole series” and Richard asks her if it is because she is kissed by Gisborne. 🙂 I noticed she doesn’t deny it! Jonas sounded rather peevish to me in the comments he made. At the end of that scene where Guy goes to sit down and throws back is head giving that open mouthed sigh, Gordon Kennedy made the comment that Guy appeared to be “stirred by Marion” there! 😉 You can see what he means!!

    • I thought Jonas sounded very childish in some of his comments. It didn’t exactly endear him to me. Even he admitted being cast as the lead went to his head a bit. Can’t have liked being eclipsed by Richard, I suspect. Ah, the open-mouthed sigh is wonderful *thud*

  5. A picture of said sigh from RANet. 😉 *guh*

    I also liked this little TOC shot just a moment or two before! 🙂

    *double thud*

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