Some fun Thorin fanart on a gloomy LA day


Thunderstorms rolled through this morning. I woke up earlier and couldn’t get back to sleep. I went and got a cat to cuddle and played with some more photo editing to pass the time. It’s dark and gloomy here at present but these images brighten things up for me–and I hope, for you. Have a good Thorin Thursday!


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  1. Hi! Here, it’s a sunny Thursday, 25 degrees. With your fanarts increase the funny mood. I want to caress his thick head of hair…”He’s got the look” is wonderful

  2. So sorry you’re not getting enough good sleep. The day has turned warm and sunny after an inauspicious start, but the FMS is making itself felt. Such fun with Thorin — I know how the lady tiger feels…

  3. No, I would not want to cuddle up with Thorin, however compelling his eyes. I know very little about him, not having seen or even read “The Hobbit,” except that he is paranoid, which is dangerous. Now, with your BLUE-EYED SOUL, Angie, I would be overjoyed to “stand with him on a mountain, swim with him in the sea, lay with him forever until the sky falls in on me.”. Same for the endearing interviewee whose photos are featured on RANet, pic of the day today.

    • Gee, Thorin is one of the good guys, Lynne. Yeah, he’s got some weaknesses, some flaws–doesn’t everybody?–but he’s ultimately a hero, brave and charismatic, not asking any more of those following him than he would ask of himself. I have read the book more than once along with other material on the character. Of course, his CReAtor is the tops. 😀

  4. I go back to the question, “Is it paranoia if they really are out to get you?” I wouldn’t call Thorin “paranoid” based on reading “The Hobbit” multiple times. Thorin has many reasons to be wary; many threats confront him and he cannot always be certain of the “friends” he has, like Gandalf. He is a king, displaced and disenfranchised, but nonetheless the leader of his people. I confess that I would not want to see the movie except for him.

    • Richard mentioned Thorin’s paranoia, but as you pointed out, he’s got good reason to be so. He’s got a heavy burden on his shoulders, too, as the leader of the Company.

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