Daily Archives: October 19, 2012

Guyday Friday: Guy bares all (sort of)


It was a perfect day for an outing. Not a cloud in that cerulean sky, temperature in the 70s. Got home,  carted in my shopping, fed the dogs, scooped litter boxes and popped some clothes in the washing machine. Now I am stretched out with an ice pack on my lower back.

Shopping can require a lot of bending. I still don’t do bending all that well.   Popped a muscle relaxer and plan to  chill my back and then go with the heated clay pad while I relax for a bit. My faithful companion aka Thumper is curled up at my side. The cat is too darned adorable.

I got a real kick out of your comments re a certain Tall, Dark and Toothsome Knight. The black leather speedos would, of course, be for showing off his magnificent physique on the beach. They would need to be removed before he did any swimming, naturally. Heaven forbid the poor darling get chafed! He could change into a sexy blue Speedo a la Lee–or do a little skinny dipping.

Now, imagine Guy’s dark head arising above the water’s surface,  drops of water clinging to the thick fringe of lashes framing those eyes,  eyes as blue as the sky and the sea. Rivulets of water cascade down from his tousled raven locks, down the pale, almost luminous flesh of his broad chest, down the sculpted planes of his stomach, down . . .

I will let you take it from there.  Have a lovely Friday night/Saturday morning.  Got to do some sorting and packing and figure out what the heck I did with my other New Balance show . . .

I can completely understand how these girls feel.

One of my favorite GIFs. Can’t pinpoint exactly why . . .

Guyday Friday: That Smouldering Beauty


Ah, it was a long and not-very-restful night.  I can’t say I feel any better, but at least I don’t feel worse. Finally got a few hours of sleep.  Going to head to town a little later.  I will get caught up with the comments after I get back home and address the issue of black leather Speedos (you know you want to see him in them–even if just for a little while . . .)

In the meantime, here’s some more of the Sultan of Smoulder for Guyday Friday. Enjoy, my darlings!