Guyday Friday: That Smouldering Beauty


Ah, it was a long and not-very-restful night.  I can’t say I feel any better, but at least I don’t feel worse. Finally got a few hours of sleep.  Going to head to town a little later.  I will get caught up with the comments after I get back home and address the issue of black leather Speedos (you know you want to see him in them–even if just for a little while . . .)

In the meantime, here’s some more of the Sultan of Smoulder for Guyday Friday. Enjoy, my darlings!

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  1. *drooling, purring* These are delicious! At least you got a little sleep and you’re not feeling worse. I sure hope you get to feeling a lot better. (Guy appreciation feels a lot better when you’re not fighting the crud, IMO.)

  2. What is it about a dripping wet RA that I find so enticing I wonder? Hmmm – Hope your vacay helps out a bit with the under the weather feeling. I can relate on the lack of sleep lately. I am an 8hr girl, and I’m averaging about 5.5 with my current schedule. I’ve noticed, that in addition to a lot of yawning and schlumping around, my filter is very thin. On the one hand, I just may get into trouble over something I say in class, but on the other hand, I AM HILARIOUS 🙂 (at least my sleep deprived self thinks so!) Happy Guyday!!

    • When I am really tired I get downright giddy. Apparently, when I get tipsy (which I haven’t done in ages, I am very affable and funny. lol

      And a dripping wet RA is just—*guh*

  3. What a hot Guy Friday 🙂 the aura of mystery and sensuality that he exudes to every look, they make him very desirable. The second pic and the third raise the room temperature. Thanks 😛

  4. Off to re-watch some episodes of RH Series 2 once I get a few chores done! Oxygen tank, defibrillator, fan and ice packs at the ready!!! 😉

      • I actually wasn’t able to watch as planned but hope to do so this afternoon! I’m sure I’ll survive! I naturally HAVE to be around when Thorin arrives in December. 😉

        BTW – did you see you can now purchase a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Thorin! Squee!!! I did notice however that he is Thorin sized (roughly 5 ft) not Richard sized – darn it! Oh well – closer to my height at any rate. 😀 Yet more temptation to spend even more money on Hobbity stuff than I already have, but can I resist THIS temptation, that is the question? 😉

  5. I listened to Witchfinders yesterday and what a masterful perfomance by Richard it was too! He truly is fantastic, loved his “Marian” voice and how he conveyed the torment Guy was going through after killing her. His “Kate” voice was so much better than Kate’s real voice! AudioGo were really great- they refunded the money I paid for the 3 audiobooks,- even though LoTN and Witchfinders arrived eventually- because of the long delay in the delivery. Still no sign of The Siege so maybe that one did get lost! Hope you are feeling much better and enjoying your time with your sisters! 🙂

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