Saturday: Sexy, Sweet, Smouldering


Ricky Deeming and his plaid shirt, lop-sided smile and tousled hair. And The Thumb of Delight, of course.

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  1. What flaming pics! it gives me such pleasure to watch him, in speedos (I have not met anyone like him at the swimming pool), in black leather, in shirt, wet or dry, in each variation I adore him. Thanks for combustion.

  2. Oh, my afternoon just heated up beautifully! As Giulia says, it gives me such pleasure to look at him *sigh* *guuh* No one, I repeat no one, else looks that good in a Speedo. That body, that fce, those eyes, all of him is just delicious.

  3. I don’t normally want to even see a guy in a Speedo but somehow he is the exception! As Leigh says, NO ONE looks that good in them. Somehow he manages to look simply breathtaking – literally! 😉

    BTW – is the correct term Speedo or Speedos? Can one of our Aussie friends put us right? They invented them in the first place! 🙂

      • The correct term is Speedos, and generally it’s not a look I like on men, I prefer boardshorts. However, Richard (or should I say Lee!) looks gorgeous in them.
        Some of our lifesavers don’t look half bad in them either! In competition they often hitch them up over their bums, I’m assuming it’s so they don’t slide on the seats in the boat.

  4. Ah, such a lovely array of male pulchritude. I turned on the video, clicked it over to YouTube, my sister came over and then we sat watching RA videos for an hour. Loved your video of Guy “Tubthumping.” So much black leather stretched and tucked so very very well. I think she’s hooked. She went online and ordered The Vicar of Dibley from Netflix, so there will be sweet Harry hanging about for awhile. She’s a big Hugh Jackman fan half of her interest is because he is such a good person. Now that she knows a bit more about the real RA she’s thinking that he’s worth a look or three.

    Love the Speedos shot! Lee is just so amoral that if a lady just wanted a good time he’d be the perfect choice. That long lanky body is perfect for the beach and long summer nights with a full moon and soft music. Thanks for taking a break from your vacation to fill the RA gaps in our lives, Angie.

    • There are some similarities between Hugh and Richard, not so much in appearance but in the versatility of their talents, both being able to sing, dance and act, and in the way they conduct themselves. Truly nice, down-to-earth gentlemen. the both of them. Lee is the orginal good time boy if you just want the pleasure and realize there can be no expectation of something permanent. And as Leigh says, you have to make sure you use protection. 😉

      Tubthumping was a fun one to make. Seemed to work so well for that particular character. 😉

  5. “Male pulchritude”!! He is certainly a perfect example of the word and it is a lovely way to describe his attributes. 😉

    • He’s all that and more. I just found this quote from him: ‘To live and let live, without clamour for distinction or recognition; to wait on divine love; to write truth first on the tablet of one’s own heart – this is the sanity and perfection of living.’

      • Sorry to be the citation police…he is quoting Mary Baker Eddy here though. That he pulls out a quote like that in a letter to fans is still evidence of length and breadth of his appeal. 🙂

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