Richard Armitage & ChaRActers Rock My World




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  1. The Scorpions and Queen…why am I suddenly feeling the need to buy Aqua Net? Awesome vids – “biceps, bullets, bad ass” – outstanding!! Keep rockin’ it!

  2. He rocks my world on a regular basis!! 😉 Thank you for reminding me of those great videos of yours!! I also watched your “Thankful for Richard” one with its calming piano solo. He can rock us, calm us, and induce all sorts of other reactions too. 🙂

  3. He definitely rocks my world. In one culture, they say that an earthquake is the Goddess dancing. Well, he has my goddess dancing all right.

  4. *thud* those eyes, lips, hair… Hurricane is the perfect word to describe him, RA is really an Hurricane that rock us and overwhelms us with the power of passion, beauty, talent, style and elegance, after knowing him we are no longer the same, and everything else seems boring, without vital spark. Rock me always 🙂

  5. In the picture of Porter with the kiss print, you realize it’s a Polaroid, don’t you? You know how to send my mind straight to the naughty place. Before cameras were digital, that’s what people used to avoid trouble with the processing folks’ censorship.

    • Oh, of course, that is why I chose it 😉 I am neither confirming or denying this, but it’s possible there may be vintage Polaroids of a certain blogger in, oh, slightly risque poses . . . *whistles looking up at ceiling with innocent air*

      • Yeah, in my husband’s things I found one of yours truly, red fiesta hat obscuring face but kimono open to reveal other bits. I was asleep after celebrating and I had no idea he’d taken it. Sneaky so-&-so!

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