Light & Shadow: In Nature & PeRformAnce


There are clouds in the canopy of sky today–pearl grey, dove grey,  smoke blue. contrasting beautifully with the swath of soft pink-orange beneath. Whitecaps swell as the frothy water rushes into shore. I sit outside and watch the changing sky and sea.

Even when it’s not all sunshine and blue skies, how beautiful it still is.  The grey moments, the melancholy moments in life certainly make us appreciate the sweeter and sunnier times, too.

Mr. A does an amazing job of telegraphing moments of melancholy, angst and introspection as experienced by his cast of ChaRActers. We see both the sunshine and shadows, the lights and darks, just as we would with any human being.  They move and affect us just as the ever-changing sky and sea do.

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  1. the shades give life to colors! I love the melancholy that he paints on his face when the torment of his characters is too strong. He arouses our questions and reflections, he makes us feel alive. Thank you for your beautiful description of the sky and the pensive pics.

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