Ros & Lucas: Dynamic (SND) Duo!


I thought Ros and Lucas truly made a great team on Spooks. Here was a pair of smart, savvy spies who looked sleek and sexy and didn’t still need training wheels. They had each other’s back. Lucas and Ros had a mutual respect and admiration. I adored their flirtatious banter. They knew “colleagues are OK.” And both, by the way, are So Not Dead.

I have always loved Hermione Norris as an actress, and let us not forget she is the one who declared Richard Armitage (who had acted with her earlier in his career in Cold Feet) to be “sublime.” Obviously this talented lady is also one who possesses the Good Taste Gene. Long live Lucas and Ros, MI-5‘s Dynamic Duo!

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  1. Hi Angie loved your vid the captions were priceless!! I loved Ros & Lucas together I felt they had a comfortable rappor but you still knew the country was safe with these two.

  2. Lucas and Ros were fantastic together! I think they are a great example of what Richard said about how one actor can make the person they are acting with better! They just seemed to spark off each-other. He did admit that they really missed having her on set in Series 9. I’d love to know what her personal thoughts were about Lucas’ so-called “downfall”? Although I bought series 10 I’m not sure if I will bother to watch it again. Spooks didn’t last long after taking Ros and then Lucas out of it. I think these things contributed to many losing interest.

    BTW, Angie, I think I’ve said this before, but thanks for choosing our great Canadian BTO for your vid!

    • I think Spooks ran out of steam once Ros was gone and they did the dirty to Lucas. Probably would have been for the best if they had ended with S9 as they apparently originally intended to do, for the ending of that series felt very tacked on. I would also love to know what Hermione thought.

      Always been a fan of BTO. Thought about doing something with “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” as well. 😉

          • Didn’t you just LOVE this comment from Dawn that Ali had on her website –

            Dawn French participated in a webchat with Mumsnet yesterday and Moominmamma12 on Twitter asked her “what snogging RA was like!” and she replied as follows: “I was a bit shocked to find out how young he is. The producer on Vicar of Dibley lied to me in order to get me to agree since I had said my vicar husband should really be someone my age. Anyway, when he turned up all sense left the building and I insisted on lots of rehearsals of the snogging scene. He didn’t object. Yes, indeed – very nice.” Thanks M!

            I just cracked up when she says, “. . .all sense left the building”! LOL!! Obviously another one fallen under The Armitage Effect!! 😉

  3. I was already lacking focus today…after watching that video I’m hopeless. Woe to my 6pm class! You are a genius Angie 🙂

      • Relative success…I thought I was bad, but my students have the mid semester blahs – not even James Purefoy barking “f@#%” and “c@$%” every five minutes is perking them up. (I’m using HBO’s ROME for History Goes to the Movies) They’re mostly men, or I’d sub in some Armitage next week 🙂

        • It’s not you, Obscura, it’s all those other classes that have the students mired, especially if they have the “hard science” classes with a huge amount of work due in a very short time plus exams for which to swot. Even the best pedagogue on the planet can’t hold an audience fatigued by the physics-with-calculus series, chemistry, DifEq, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics.

            • No kidding…I started out pre med, took one college chemistry class and switched to classical civilization and anthropology! We have a heavy core of nursing students, and I cringe as I listen to them talking about bio-chem.

              • My oldest sister is an RN as is her oldest daughter, and I know how much math and science was involved in their studies. I remember my college roommates talking about a particular professor extolling “the beauties of organic chemistry” . . . this guy was one of those brilliant people who can do but can’t really teach. If you made a D, you considered yourself truly fortunate.

              • There are unfortunately, many of those brilliant scholars, who are not so brilliant teachers active in the university system (In the US at least). The core of the system is to train researchers, not teachers…many teach so that they can research. There needs to be a bit more balance in some areas I think. My biggest problem – being in humanities – is trying to make it all relevant to the hard science folks, many of them who arrive with the “why does this old crap matter?” attitude.

        • I think there are times when you could dress as a circus clown and juggle cats upside-down and they would still display ennui (NOT that I would ever want anyone to juggle cats, you understand).

        • Whooo Obscura, I love Rome! James Purefoy was great as Marc Antony. I wondered which role Richard could have played in Rome. Maybe Brutus? Though the Home Secretary (Tobias Menzies I think his name is) was great as Brutus.

  4. I still have not watched MI-5 completely and in sequence. It’s time that I do that. If Ms Norris, who knows and has worked with RA, has used a term such as “sublime” to describe him, that makes me think more of both him and her, and that we have not been misjudging our favorite actor.

    Yesterday at the dentist, I saw on a magazine cover a guy who resembled RA. Upon closer look, it was Tom Cruise, a big-name star to whom I had never paid much attention. He was handsome and attractive in a movie-star sort of way, but not RA. I found more pictures on google, and I quickly found out what RA would look like with a nose job: terribly ordinary!

    I think it is the extremes in RA’s face and body that make his appearance so compelling: high cheekbones, piercing eyes of changing color, almost straight patrician nose a teeny tad over an acceptable length, always calling attention to itself, wide mouth slung ever-so-slightly off center when smiling, extraordinary bow-shaped upper lip, very long legs, slanted shoulders, perhaps a slight scoliosis. Above all, intelligence and understanding animating whichever incarnation he presents, especially his own self. Add sublime to the mix, and, well, there you go!

    Thanks for all your pictures of beach, party, goodies, dog. I know you’ll keep us posted.

    • Hermione strikes me as a very intelligent and astute lady, having read/seen her interviews, and of course her comments about RA just makes me admire her all the more.

      Funny, I never ever thought of Tom Cruise resembling Richard. Probably because for one thing he’s much closer to my height than he is Richard’s–absolutely no taller than 5′ 6″ no matter what his official stats may say (I know people who have seen him in person). I used to like him way back in the Top Gun days, but then he turned into this control freak who is all tied up with Scientology and telling women post-partum depression is hokum (excuse me, Tom, how many babies have you given birth to??) and I quickly lost interest.

      I am so glad RA never touched that magnificent nose of his. It gives his face character and distinction.

      • You are definitely on to something there…I think one of the reasons I’ve stayed so interested in RA is that although he certainly has opinions, he doesn’t seem to believe that it his personal mission to convince the world that his views are the right ones. So many celebrities seem to think that because they have the spotlight, they are suddenly entitled to instruct the rest of us dim bulbs in everything – as if they have some particular insight. I find that sooooo offputting. Don’t even get me started on Tom Cruise and his various crackpot theories – thanks but no thanks. 🙂

        • The lack of humility and overwhelming degree of vanity in some celebrities is really a turn-off for me. It’s like, “Who the heck died and made you the Expert on All Things??” Richard is such a refreshing contrast to that, bless him. Re Tom, all I can say is good for Katie for getting out of that mess. She must feel like a prisoner who broke out of her cell.

      • I have not seen Richard behave rudely or stupidly or unkindly, not in interviews or public appearances or meeting fans. In print, what Richard has to say is constructive and thoughtful, never dull but never self-aggrandising or sebational. He keeps his private life private as much as possible. He is a gifted professional with an astonishing range.

        As a person and as an actor, IMO he leaves Cruise in the dust. No comparison…

        • I honestly think Tom suffers from Short Man’s Syndrome. No offense to vertically challenged males, but I have known a few that shared that sort of ” I am superior” swagger. Richard is THE real deal and he doesn’t feel the need to prove it. Truly a gentleman, a professional and a good and decent human being.

          • *Snicker* I was going to say that, but didn’t want to offend 🙂 Unlike so many celebrities who really need to pursue a policy of actually thinking BEFORE they open their mouths, every interview I’ve watched with RA has shown him to visibly pause and consider before he speaks. It’s exactly because he is so thoughtful and obviously intelligent that I would actually be really interested to hear his opinions on a variety of subjects. It is too his credit (and probably in no small part, his upbringing) that he only offers sparingly. He is just seems to be a class act all the way around.

            • I have often described him as being thoughtful, and not just in terms of being a kind and considerate person, but as someone who does think, measuring his words and the impact they will make before he speaks. I have said before I would love to pick his brain re some of his roles and the preparation for them and what the future holds for some of his characters (the rare ones that survive *sigh*), about his favorite films, books, television, music, artists, etc. and many other topics. He’s a bright, well-read, engaging individual with a lovely sense of humor. And yes, very much a class act.

              • Precisely…seemingly perfect in so many ways *sigh* Now my jaded sided wonders if this is possible – to good to be true? Given that nobody is perfect – not even RA 😦 he must have iron control over any nasty habits that they haven’t surfaced yet 🙂 But again, there’s that attraction again – the ackowledgment that everyone has faults, but that he works really hard to minimize them in his behavior and focus on the positives. He is an adult, not a suspended adolescent in a grown up body like so many of his “peers”. Sooooo much more attractive!! (IMHO anyway)

              • I know what you mean. I see Richard as a proper grown-up MAN–not the immature frat boy type inhabiting an adult body. He’s worked hard, he’s paid his dues, he’s committed to being the best he can in his chosen profession and to behaving as a proper professional. At the same time we see that impish sense of humor and hints of the naughty side he says he looks for in a woman. It’s all so refreshing and appealing and gosh darn sexy, isn’t it?? Oh, Richard, you are a gem.

      • I would also never have thought there was any resemblance but Cruise was on a People cover several weeks ago and I also had that reaction; there are a few similarities in their faces. One is the labial commissure.

        • I haven’t seen a copy of People in quite a while so I missed out on that one. Too bad there isn’t more similarity in their personalities, too (Tom being more like RA, of course). 😉

    • That would be my guess, as it frequently occurs in tall people. I know he uses the Alexander technique to correct postural and movement issues, very useful for dancers and other performers.

    • Actually, scoliosis can stem from the lower back, as mine does, but it becomes visible in the lack of balance in the shoulders. In many pictures of RA, his right shoulder appears lower than his left. That is, the left one as we look at it. Pictures where the reverse is true are quite rare. It is very slight, makes him more interesting, and certainly doesn’t prevent him from being beautiful all over!

      • I must add that, in my first comment comparing TC and RA, I was mainly thinking of their faces, since the picture of Cruise I saw was a mug shot. I know nothing about his height or personal pronouncements. I’m just trying to figure out why RA is so damn attractive. I mostly mentioned his features of face and body, yet all the comments came back referring to his intelligence, personality and character. Superficial beauty attracts initially, but does not have holding power, especially with sensitive, discriminating, educated women. We want more, and RA delivers. Exactly how and why is a puzzlement!

        • I should have specified myself that even facially, I never considered a resemblance between those two other than their eyes are blue and they both have large noses. Tom’s nose, however, is not the more classic aquiline of Richard’s nor does his toothy smile have the same effect on me as RA’s dazzling one. 😉 Set aside the fact Tom is, as a local theatre manager has said, “is tiny in real life.”

          Tom has shown us his true colors in his behavior and words and it’s not pretty at all–not to me, whereas Richard does get more and more attractive with each day in my eyes. His character, his personality, his mind, and yes, his soul appeal beyond the superficiality of exterior beauty. What’s that old saying? Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone. The truest and best kind of beauty shines from within and he’s got it going on.

          • I think the fact that his beauty is not “skin deep” is one of his most endearing qualities. I doubt if he would have amassed the multitude of admirers like he has if this had been the case. It pulls me up short every now and then when I realize just how attractive I find him and like you I find that it only seems to increase. He certainly does have it “going on”!! 😉

            • Exactly. There are lots of handsome faces and fit bodies out there in the world of entertainment, but the beauty and strength of character he displays is so much less common and therefore all the more attractive and appealing. I still look at those guys who starred in Magic Mike and all the beefcake on display in the photos–and it just doesn’t do anything for me in the way RA does. Sorry, but NO.

          • I watch the infamous Oprah show a while ago on YT where TC was jumping up and down the couch declaring his love for Katie. It was all so obviously, glaringly FAKE. And I’m not saying this because they broke up. His behaviour just made my stomach turn. And Oprah..well I must say I lost a lot of respect for her for taking part in that charade.

  5. TC IS handsome but what puts me off is that he so self-righteous. He thinks he knows better than anybody and really as you said Angie, who does he think he is?

  6. Tom Cruise who? O.K. I did like him once sort of. But I think I will always like him in Rainman. It was my husbands and my first date to go see that movie, all best I didn’t want to go out to eat on a first date. Almost 11 years later our youngest son was born who has autism. Kind of weird, but we will never forget. Richard can act so much better.

    • Thank you! 😀 Yes, our favorite characters are Loved into Being and become So Not Dead. NO matter what TPTB try to do to them. 😉 Lucas and Ros were a great team.

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