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Thorin Thursday: Badass Dwarf with Seriously Good Hair


I may very well be wide awake again in a few hours, but I think I am going to soon have to call it a night, ladies and gents. Going to go ahead and kick off Thorin Thursday for all you admirers of Mr. Oakenshield.  Less than two months until arrival of the world’s hottest dwarf in (hopefully) a theatre near you! The more I see of Thorin, the more I can’t wait to see more of Thorin–if you know what I mean. And I think you do . . .

Nothing like a shameless plug for one’s own fan video, but there you go.

And a GIF of a certain smug, smirking warrior dwarf with great hair. 😉

What would it be without at least one version of my favorite Thorin glamour shot??

Wow Wednesday with more of Mr. Thudworthy


I have always loved these pix from one of RA’s photo shoots. I have posted them before but I thought it was time to bring them back again. They are early examples of me having fun with Photoshop, as all had watermarks which I removed with varying degrees of success after converting the photos into B&W.

I think RA’s magic shines through anyway.   The smiles.The smoulders. The biceps!! *sigh* It’s all good.

Paradise in a sunrise, paradise in those eyes . . .


I woke up early this morning and slipped outside to the balcony to watch the sun rise. It was still chilly and dampish and my knit zip-front jacket felt good.


As I sipped my coffee (made super strong to suit my BIL; I trick it out with liberal amounts of half and half and sugar),  I could hear the deep, rather mournful sound of the foghorn in the distance. The exterior lights lining the board walks to the beach still glowed.

I think it’s going to be another beautiful day in this little taste of paradise.

And speaking of paradise . . .