Paradise in a sunrise, paradise in those eyes . . .


I woke up early this morning and slipped outside to the balcony to watch the sun rise. It was still chilly and dampish and my knit zip-front jacket felt good.


As I sipped my coffee (made super strong to suit my BIL; I trick it out with liberal amounts of half and half and sugar),  I could hear the deep, rather mournful sound of the foghorn in the distance. The exterior lights lining the board walks to the beach still glowed.

I think it’s going to be another beautiful day in this little taste of paradise.

And speaking of paradise . . .

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  1. The color of the ocean down at the Gulf is the most amazing shade of translucent aqua/turquoise. It seems to change constantly defying you to really define a name for its shade of blue. The sky is always done in pastels that seem to defy the abilities of the artists who try to capture it on canvas.

    The ever-changing pallet of the Gulf suites Richard with his ability slip from shy and sweet, to sassy and sexy and then morph into deadly. His pallet is also elusive and amazing. Thanks for the lovely morning wake up, Angie.

    • It’s always something different from day to day and even from hour to hour, isn’t it? A chameleon like seascape, indeed so suitable for our chameleon actor RA. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing some of Mother Nature’s paintings. And that masterwork called Richard Armitage, too. 😀

  2. Hello again from London! Thanks for these pictures! Lovely! I’m so glad you are having a good time Angie! My trip to Bath was good despite the overcast sky and gloomy weather (it didn’t rain though so that was a plus!). Unfortunately I seem to have caught some sort of stomach bug again so I wasn’t feeling at all well. 😦 Good job I’ve got an appointment to see the gastroenterologist on Monday…Can’t wait to catch up with the posts and comments this weekend! 🙂 Take care everybody!

    • Thank you for the update, Judit. Take care of yourself. I hpoe the doctor can help you. There is a nasty “virus grippal” (flu-like virus) making the rounds here, and with air travel being what it is, the contagion could spread rapidly.

    • Judit, glad to hear you had a good time, but sorry to hear you’ve picked up a bug. 😦 Why do they always hit at worst time?? Hope you will be feeling better much soon and we will look forward to hearing more from you, my dear.

    • Oh dear, that’s no good Judit. I hope the bug’s not too bad and that you can enjoy the rest of your stay in London. Look after yourself, sweetie.

      • Thank you girls for your good wishes! I’m feeling better today, more’s the pity that I’m going home this evening.. Ah well..shouldn’t complain really!

  3. Not that I see it very often, but to me dawn is a beautiful time of day. The setting sun can be spectacular, but sunrise is gentler, quieter, good for my soul.
    I hope you are enjoying another day in paradise, Angie.

    • I am not an early morning person generally, (and took a nape earlier this afternoon 😉 ) but there is something really special about a sunrise. It’s a sort of contemplative time, isn’t it? My sister just popped an apple pie out of the oven so the sweet smell of apples and cinnamon fills the condo right now. It has been another beautiful day here, quite warm this afternoon.

      I have been doing some research for the novel–I brought a pile of books with me and figure after poor Benny had to lug them around, I had better make use of them! 😉 My BIL is going to spend the night at the house in Foley as he has some appointments in the morning so it’ll just be us girls–my sis and I and the adorable Miss Hannah–will be on our own tonight here.

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