Thorin Thursday: Badass Dwarf with Seriously Good Hair


I may very well be wide awake again in a few hours, but I think I am going to soon have to call it a night, ladies and gents. Going to go ahead and kick off Thorin Thursday for all you admirers of Mr. Oakenshield.  Less than two months until arrival of the world’s hottest dwarf in (hopefully) a theatre near you! The more I see of Thorin, the more I can’t wait to see more of Thorin–if you know what I mean. And I think you do . . .

Nothing like a shameless plug for one’s own fan video, but there you go.

And a GIF of a certain smug, smirking warrior dwarf with great hair. 😉

What would it be without at least one version of my favorite Thorin glamour shot??

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  1. I’m glad they softened his appearance up from the very first shot we saw of him over a year ago now, not so “caveman-ish”

    He is one hellva sexy dwarve!! Hope they hand out smelling salts along with the 3D glasses!

    • LOL at the “smelling salts” idea! Personally I think I’ll be needing to take an Ativan before I go! For sure I’ll embarrass my grandkids who want me to go with them! One of my granddaughters was looking at my Hobbit Annual today and when she looked at the pictures of Thorin could hardly believe he was the same person as “Grandma’s crush”!! 😉 BTW, at the same time she could see my PC’s “wallpaper” slide show with Richard’s image appearing in nearly every one! 🙂

        • She’s actually 20 but perhaps, like I did at her age, thinks of someone in their 40’s as “old”! I’m certainly hoping she changes her mind! Her boyfriend is a huge LOTR fan and very excited about The Hobbit! Mind you I truly believe Richard’s admirers come from all ages from 18 (or younger) to some in their 80’s!! 😀

  2. I expect I’ll be going alone, so the only person I could embarrass is myself. Thorin is amazing. Who would have thought someone short, hairy, and 200 yrars old could be so hot?

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