Wow Wednesday with more of Mr. Thudworthy


I have always loved these pix from one of RA’s photo shoots. I have posted them before but I thought it was time to bring them back again. They are early examples of me having fun with Photoshop, as all had watermarks which I removed with varying degrees of success after converting the photos into B&W.

I think RA’s magic shines through anyway.   The smiles.The smoulders. The biceps!! *sigh* It’s all good.

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  1. “Thudworthy” a word to add to RA dictionnary !
    Yesterday I was re-watching “The Impressionists” and found him so beautiful and tender in this character. His loughs (OMG) were thudworthy and his blue eyes so luminous !!! *THUD*

    • I don’t think his eyes have ever looked more luminous than when he played Claude Monet. Absolutely incandescent. And the smiles and laughter–just unforgettable. *sigh*

  2. *drooling* delicious too. Blue eyes and malicious smile. Chiseled physique, a beauty that make us dizzy, “it’s all good”. As the Latins said, “repetita iuvant”, things repeated help, the review of these photos gives us great pleasure, and every time I appreciate them more and more, Thanks for this gym for our eyes 🙂

  3. How can we pick a favourite from these? Once again the eyes grab you. For some reason (probably his sweet smile) I love his expression in the second pic. He looks as though he is relaxed and enjoying the shoot. Then there are the looks he gives in pictures 1, 3, 5 & 6 which make me melt, particularly the last two. Oh yeah baby! LOTS of visceral ReActions to those. 😉

    • LOL That’s why I kept adding more photos. There were so many great ones from this particular shoot, it was hard to limit the number. I think he was having a good time during this shoot. Sometimes you feel as if he’s not quite as comfortable when he’s being “himself” in front of the camera–although I think that discomfort has lessened as time has passed. Oh, I love me some visceRAl ReActions to Mr. A, that is for certain!! 😉

      • I’ve gotten the impression from his interviews that he gets in front of the camera so that he doesn’t have to be himself. He’s given some very interesting clues such as his mother talking practically at a whisper when they are in public so as not to draw attention to herself and his rebelling against this by buying orange pants and then not wearing them. He’s also said that as an actor he can act in ways that are not acceptable in real life. He also seems very worried about being boring. He still refers to himself as a “geek” meaning the guy who lays friend’s laminate flooring and does is own DIY tasks. He does not appear comfortable with the handsome man he has grown into and I think that at times he still sees the tall skinny kid with the big nose when he looks in the mirror. He seems to have done a great many fashion photo shoots. I wonder why.

        • I am certain he still tends to see the kid who shot up to his full height at 14 with a big “hooter” the rest of his face hadn’t caught up with yet, instead of the devastatingly handsome man we all see. Those self-images that form when we are young are not easily dismissed from our minds, are they? In terms of the various fashion shoots, I think he has done those as lined up for him by his publicist/agent, not necessarily because they are something he enjoys. As he has admitted, he is clearly not a clotheshorse-type guy. 😉 Still, such photo shoots get his face and name out there before the public.

          • It is rather unusual for an actor to have both an agent and a publicist. I’d love to ask him why he employs both. Maybe the combination has gotten him more jobs. I suppose if he’s not working the photo shoots would bring in a few quid now and again. It would be interesting to ask him if he approaches them as an acting job. There certainly seems to be a story in the shoot that your background wallpaper is from. I’d love to know more about it.

          • He does not like to call attention to himself as if by a habit, so some of his fellow actors are accustomed and eager to ignore him quite often, IMO. His lack of ego is amazing but might be not very helpful in the film industry, I suppose.

  4. This was a wonderful photoshoot, with a wide variety of shots and Richard looks quite comfortable in front of the camera. Shame about the watermarks. Yes, it’s his eyes that draw you in, and that smile of his…simply gorgeous. He’s mouth-watering. Definitely lots of viscerally satisfying aspects about these pics! 😉

    • I look in some actors’ eyes and I really don’t see anything in particular reflected back. And then I look in Richard’s eyes and I seem to see so much–intelligence, insight, thoughtfulness, humor, a quiet confidence–that just takes my breath away.

  5. This is one of my favourite photoshoots with Richard.He’d make a great model…Certainly much better than some of the actors who fronted campaigns for designer or high street clothes…But it doesn’t seem to be his “thing”. I do wonder at times if he’d ever agree to endorse a men’s fragrance for example, a la Clive Owen.

    • For a man who is reported to smell “clean” and “good”, I am not sure he would wear fragrance, even when he’s not working. Most actors, actresses, and others who have to work at close quarters with other people don’t wear fragrance at work, because their co-workers could react badly. Imagine trying to do a love scene with someone who can’t stop sneezing, whose eyes won’t stop watering, and who breaks from a kiss wheezing. On the other hand, a pleasant, clean-scented aftershave might suit him. I wonder what moisturiser he uses; some of those have a light scent.

      • He might wear it on some special occasion, but you are right, with allergies being what they are, better to stick with clean and good than to aggravate co-stars’ sensitive noses. There are some fragrances to which I am highly allergic. Now I am envisioning rubbing moisturizer into his beautiful fair skin . . . *thud*

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