Daily Archives: October 26, 2012

OT: Mother Nature Puts on a Show


The weather systems are moving. I can feel it in my connective tissues. Well, in my bones, too, as far as my osteoarthritis is concerned. It’s the FMS that really makes me ache tonight.

Still, I am content and wearing a smile on my face.

I  will see Benny again this weekend. I’ve missed him and it seems he has missed me.  If all goes well, we’ll have a few days together in this lovely part of the world. And maybe we’ll get to enjoy the sort of show only Mother Nature can put on . . . such as this spectacular sunset tonight.

Although it will be nice to get back home (be it ever so humble, there is no place quite like it), I will miss the ever-changing beauty of the sky and the sea just outside the door.  I think Monsieur Monet would know just how I feel . . .

Last stop for Guyday Friday: Marian & Guy, you naughty bunnies!


Yes, indeed. If I’d had my way, it would have been a somewhat less “family friendly” show and Marian would have chucked aside her puppy love for  that spoiled brat Blobbin aka Justin Beiber with the Scruffy Facial Hair and moved on to Nottingham’s Finest . . . 😉

Oh, he’s a magic man . . .


Another vid that was at the old Vimeo account after being blocked at YT. Well, now YT is playing nice. Love vintage Anne and Nancy Wilson, aka Heart, and this song seems custom-made for some of RA’s enticing, alluring, gorgeous creations.

“Pretty man came to me, never seen eyes so blue . . . they seemed to look right into me . . . ”

Guyday Friday: What if . . . Part Two


What if all that anachronistic nonsense on RH led The Treacherous Troll and the Hot Henchman to create the world’s first disco? Hey, if Blobbin could invent hang gliding so he and Mr. Lucky Charms could escape Guy . . .

Video Spotlight: The ChaRActers in “Sweet Child O’ Mine”


This video to Sheryl Crowe’s terrific acoustic version of Guns ‘n Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was at my now-defunct Vimeo account. Today I uploaded it to YT. Hope you can see it wherever you may be . . .

Guyday Friday: Don’t be Hatin’ ‘Cause He’s Be-Yoo-Ti-Ful . . .


Especially when he’s the triumphant peacock who thinks he will soon have no more need of the Treacherous Troll . . .  *sigh* well, a henchman can dream, can’t he??

And that bone structure! You could cut glass with those cheekbones!

“Tis the witching season–and the supernatural effect a certain toothsome dark knight has on us . . .

                     On the brink of getting the keys to Nottingham Castle–if only for a few brief, shining moments, he’ll be Sheriff Gisborne.

                                                                                                 Oh my, the glories of  GIFs of a plotting Glamour Guy!!