Guyday Friday: Hot (and Spooky!) Henchman


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  1. “Eat, drink, and ogle”? I’ll have a goblet of whatever he’s having, and laissez les bontemps rouler on the Dark Side.

  2. Ok Ladies, ya got me… Actually you got my sister Kelly too. We’re watching Robin Hood on Amazon Prime. After swearing I couldn’t watch him I’m finding the show a hoot and I/we are absolutely mad for the sheriff. Keith Allen has such a glorious time chewing the scenery that he takes you along for the ride. I had thought this show was at least sort of serious but it’s bloody cartoon and a good one at that. No — make that a great one! I can’t take it at all seriously so Gizzy’s black heart just makes me shake my head and laugh when he gets one-upped yet again by…well…pretty much everyone. So far I’ve only seen the first six because Kelly wants to watch them with me. We watched three episodes back to back on Wednesday. I think we are now addicted. 🙂

    • Muhahahahahahahaha . . . resistance is futile. And Guy’s heart gets less black as the show progresses. NTM my dearest henchman just gets hotter and hotter. The sheriff, however, stays dependably rotten to his despicable little core. 😉

      • What is it that the little rotter (Sheriff, that is) has against women? I swear he cautioned Guy against “lepers” when a woman got to close in one episode. Could it be that The Troll of Knottingham has the hots for his own henchman? Hmmmm? Inquiring minds want to know.

        • Ohhhhh, there’s a reason why Sherry looks for any excuse to paw Giz (take note of him squeezing Guy’s shoulders, cupping his face and stroking his cheek, etc.) and regularly refers to women(particularly Marian) as “lepers.” Methinks Sherry does indeed lust after those six feet two inches of leather-clad testosterone-laden hot henchman. Not that Guy reciprocates *shudder* but I am sure Sherry enjoys imagining . . .

            • Oh, yes, you are right about PJ. I think he batted for both teams. 😉 There has been some speculation that Vasey may have abused Guy when he was younger, before Guy finally turned on him and said, “Try that one more time and I will kill you,” and Vasey knew he meant it. I did have an outrageously fun time in Dangerous to Know having Guy manipulate Sherry into thinking his henchman actually had the hots for him as part of Guy’s and Marian’s plan to rid themselves of the troll . . . muhahahahahahahaha!! I could imagine Richard and Keith acting out that scene. 😉

            • I’d say that even if Guy liked guys, his expression when the Sheriff gets out of the bath in front of him is one of distaste verging on nausea. Guy’s face when Prince John asks, “Do you love me?” is a study in controlled disgust. So, whatever type Guy’s is, it’s not these two.

              • Well, we do know that Guy and Allan grew quite close in Lost & Found–they truly did make (if I say so myself) a cute couple. 😉 But I would never seriously match Guy with someone like Vasey or PJ (or Robin–not even for “hate sex” as some people call it LOL) I like to think he has better taste. 😉

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