Daily Archives: October 27, 2012

Sunday Smorgasbord: First Round


I have uploaded something like seven or eight fan videos to YouTube  today that are new to the site (although in some cases they’ve been around for a while). Some I have spotlighted here at the blog. More will be going up tomorrow, but I am ready to pack in the uploading for tonight.  It’s been fun because I had already forgotten what I had done with some of these vids, and it’s nice if I still find them amusing/sexy/inspiring/creative.  I hope you will, too.

In the meantime, kicking off the Sunday Smorgasboard as it is already Sunday for some of you.  Benny should be here early afternoon tomorrow. 😀

Feeling Hot-Blooded? Gizzy is.


A blast from my past (Foreigner) and more of my favorite Medieval Menace, the Sultan of Smirks, Smoulders and Swagger, yes, Sir Guy of Gisborne.  Yet another vid only seen previously on Vimeo, now at YT. Warning: the temperature will likely rise as you watch this . . .

Naughty, naughty!! T-t-t-tease me, you bad boys . . .


Charming. Disarming. Seductive. Tempting. Teasing. RA’s ChaRActers being such naughty, naughty guys. Who can resist?