Feeling Hot-Blooded? Gizzy is.


A blast from my past (Foreigner) and more of my favorite Medieval Menace, the Sultan of Smirks, Smoulders and Swagger, yes, Sir Guy of Gisborne.  Yet another vid only seen previously on Vimeo, now at YT. Warning: the temperature will likely rise as you watch this . . .

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  1. “103” degrees F? Either he’s a cat or he’s way too ill to be doing what I’d like to do. Sir Guy is welcome to melt me (and my dark chocolte) any time he wants.

    • These are not new, JaneGael. 😉 But when I originally made the vids, YT, for one reason or another, blocked/muted them. So I put them on Vimeo. Well, Vimeo is getting picky now and pulled a bunch of stuff. So I decided to try my luck at YT again. For now, at least, no problem. I have made more than 125 videos in the past couple of years or so. Unemployment does offer some perks LOL Ahhhhh. Porter. Me likee a lot. *thud*

  2. Well I’m so glad that YT is letting you put them up now so you can share them and folks like me can see them. Being a RA newbie has a lot of perks and having tons of new things to watch is one of them. Keep ’em coming — they are appreciated.

    Oh I just found out that the Guy of Gisborne Havoc Tour merchandise is still available. Alas, no shirts, but a mug, mousepad and mini-poster.

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