Sunday Smorgasbord: First Round


I have uploaded something like seven or eight fan videos to YouTube  today that are new to the site (although in some cases they’ve been around for a while). Some I have spotlighted here at the blog. More will be going up tomorrow, but I am ready to pack in the uploading for tonight.  It’s been fun because I had already forgotten what I had done with some of these vids, and it’s nice if I still find them amusing/sexy/inspiring/creative.  I hope you will, too.

In the meantime, kicking off the Sunday Smorgasboard as it is already Sunday for some of you.  Benny should be here early afternoon tomorrow. 😀

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  1. Yes, it’s already Sunday here, although the time change (back an hour at 3 a.m.) changed its arrival. I love the smorgasbord — as usual, I can never get enough.

    Funnily enough, what with the river threatening to flood, I dreamt that John Standring and I were out in the heavy rain, in the dark, trying to herd the sheep to higher ground, fighting the mud and debris.

    I am so glad YT is being good about your vids. They really are good, you know.

  2. What a sweet awakening! I It’s Sunday and come back an hour for us too. I had not watched these videos before, thanks for uploading on yt, they are fantastic! I often watch the scenes of Sparkhouse with John. He’s so sweet, I love that character. Have a good day!

    • I am glad you are enjoying the “new” vids. It is fun dusting them off, so to speak, and sharing them. 😉 John S. is certainly one of the most loveable of all Richard’s characters. You so want everything to work out well for him. He is such a truly good, kind, gentle man. Have a great Sunday!

  3. I haven’t had the time to watch all the “new vids” yet (had to work both yesterday&today, as due to my trip to London I fell behind with stuff in the office!) but the ones I watched I really enjoyed! When I logged in to my YT account this evening, I was asked if I wanted to open a google+ account, I was a little worried that they’d delete my account if I said “no” (which I did), but thankfully it seems to be working OK. Looks like I managed to make my account private!

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