Video: Look into My Eyes . . .


This one is new to YouTube. Very catchy song and oh, so perfect for our gorgeous guy who captivates us so.

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  1. it is always a delight to watch him, we get lost in those eyes *thud*, great vid.
    Pics 5 and 6: his eyes and the beard, there are no words: WOW, He’s perfect!!!

    • I’ve never seen a man rock a beard better than Richard does; even a lot of fans who normally hate beards agree he wears it well. And the eyes—-oh, the eyes. Gorgeous, alluring, compelling, mesmerizing–*thud*.

      • I read an article yesterday that said that men who can grow great beards tend to experience hair loss. So he may have a great chin and be a bit thin on top in another decade or so. Not that it matters, he’d be hot if he were bald. 😉

        • Not necessarily. Benny is 12 years older than RA, has had a nice beard in the past, and still has plenty of hair, although it has thinned out a little. However, I agree that Richard will be hot no matter how much or little hair he has on his beautiful head. : D He joked about shaving his mullet off during the commentary for RH and then what did they do? Gave him those extensions for S3. LOL

      • I’ve always thought he’s amazingly handsome, but with this look I think I’ve actually fallen in love with him. He just can do no wrong! ❤

  2. Great vid Angie and the song is absolutely perfect to “move” to as we watch all those swoon-worthy images. 😉 I think he has “owned me” since N&S!! I could “look into” his eyes all day long and never tire of doing so. *sigh*

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