Sunday Smorgasbord: Spicy & Sweet


Oh, those smiles. Sweet, sunny, shy, quietly content, downright flirty-girty, sly and sexy. Wonderful smiles reflected in those amazing azure eyes.   Sugar and spice and everything nice . . . those smiles.

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  1. I’m sitting here waiting for the storm to hit. It sucks to know it’s coming and not be able to do a bloody thing except cook up all the pork chops (5 lb!) I bought to feed my dog with end-stage heart disease so that the other 3 can share in case we lose power. They all thought this was a spiffy idea. I’ve been bouncing between watching RA videos, World of Warcraft, this forum to keep me sane, while jumping up and down every few minutes to do yet more chores to get ready for having the power out for several days. Ugh! Not even thoughts of sweet John have been able to distract me for long.

    Thanks for this lovely batch of photos. I found a closeup of RA laying down with bare shoulders looking directly at you with one arm invitingly outstretched…beckoning Lost my train of thought for a long time after seeing (and saving) that one. Sigh…

    • Dear Janegael and Zan and any other readers who may be in the path of Sandy, I wish you all the best. May you, your families, friends and pets all stay safe and well. I have endured prolonged power outages from blizzards, hurricanes and tornadoes, so you have my empathy. Amazing how much we tend to take for granted. Please let us hear from you as you are able to do so.



  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. A massive 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit the North West Coast of BC last night off Haida Gwaii – formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. No reports of injuries so far. They have had some big after-shocks too – one of 6.3 just this morning. Scary!!. Coastal regions did have a tsunami warning but this has been lifted although I see Hawaii could be affected. It was even felt down in our region by some!

    • I thank you all for your warm thoughts. Sandy is still a ways away and won’t hit until tomorrow. Odd how my ex-mother in law is named Sandy and she’s a steam rolling bitch too. I’m, fortunate enough not to be in the direct path, being 90 minutes north of New York, but that could change. I do worry about my students (I teach computers to blind veterans) who are directly in it’s path. Being blind or visually impaired with a mega hurricane lining you up in its sights has to be terrifying. I hope and pray that they will be okay. When Katrina hit I had friends who were never heard from again and some of our VA employees were also lost to us.

      I’ve been so busy checking the hurricane that I did not see the news of the earthquake. Having the very earth under your feet shudder like a wet dog has to be horrifying. I’m sure that people were hurt and animals as well. I always worry about those with no power to help themselves. Keep yourselves safe and warm and care for those you love and say a prayer for those in harms way. (((Hug)))

      • Something else we have in common. My sister is legally blind–she was born with scar tissue on her eyes from toxoplasmosis. My vision is pretty bad but it is correctable. I used to read to her when she had flare ups. I taught for three years at the state school for the blind, and was there when a tornado swept right down the street. Thankfully did not directly damage school but took many huge trees, buckled sidewalks, took off part of school for the deaf’s roof, and damaged some homes. I was without power in my upstairs apartment in an old Victorian for several days, however, the house itself was OK. Very memorable.

        From what I understand, the possible tsumani expected in Hawaii appears to be unlikely, thank goodness.

        Again, everyone take proper precautions–always better safe than sorry–and know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

        • I’m sorry to hear about your sister. It’s so unfair that this would happen to an infant. I’ve been to alumni reunions at the AL state school for the blind and heard lots of stories — most not repeatable. Those folks party hearty. The VA has asked for people to stay there during the storm. I can’t because of my FMS which is making itself known. I just called in dead. My boss is from MA and I hope he had sense enough to stay home with his wife and young son. A 2 hour commute at 4pm today would just be stupid.

          I hope Hawaii doesn’t get the tsunami those things are deadly. They evacuated all the coastal areas all the way up CT last evening. I’m sure NJ was evacuated even earlier. I didn’t buy enough batteries but I have some of the solar power garden lights that will illuminate a bit, but not enough to read by. This is a pretty scary storm. I’m glad England doesn’t get hit by hurricanes.

  3. To those of you threatened by this storm, you’re in my thoughts and prayers. Do what you must to stay safe and remember that people you haven’t even met are wishing you well.

  4. Thanks to everybody for all your good wishes and prayers. I just love this blog! It’s the Armitage Effect! So many wonderful people check in with such interesting, and touching stuff, in addition to their admirration for the bloke in the pink shirt who is always before our eyes as we tap away.

    Here in the Washington DC area, all the schools and the Federal Government are closed. If it misses us, it may come ashore in Philly, where my daughter and her family live. Let’s hope we don’t have anything worse than cleanup to handle. And that I won’t be out of touch with The Armitage Effect for very long.

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