Sunday Smorgasbord: Take Out and Eat


Back in the day, my husband’s grandmother used to encourage her guests around the dinner table to “take out and eat.” May I encourage you to more or less do the same, my friends. 😉  What a variety of “dishes” Mr. Armitage and his ChaRActers offer!

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  1. Gentle John is my “thud.” I wish that awful movie had ended with a happier ending for him. Thank you for the lovely picture. 🙂

    I’ve come to believe that RA is one of the most gifted actors of our time. Because he has dedicated himself to seriously studying acting and approaches each role as a challenge he can convincingly portray any character. He’s willing to take on physical challenges that others would not even consider such as the physical torture he put himself through to get in and stay in shape for Strike Back. He’s a triple threat and I hope that someday he gets the same chance as Hugh Jackman and is able to lead a Broadway show.

    • We are left wondering what happens for darling John. I agree that RA has extraordinary talent and I admire how he just keeps on working harder and harder to perfect his craft. I am eager to see what happens with his career in the coming years.

      • I hope The Hobbit will open a lot of doors for him. I’d like him to work with all the top directors,screenwriters, actors etc…I hope he’ll be given the chance to showcase his versatility and will not be pigeonholed as an action hero.

    • I personally think Sparkhouse is pretty good…I definitely wouldn’t say it’s awful. Sure, it’s disturbing and sad and I wish there was more of John S. in it, but I think it’s a pretty decent mini-series with good acting performances.

      • Sparkhouse is awful in that it is bleak and everyone’s relationship is unhealthy. It’s not awful as in badly done or acted. I should have clarified that more. The production values were pretty high and everyone turned in a believable performance. I read a snippet of an interview by Alun Armstrong (Carol’s dad) and he said it was a challenge to try to find a way to portray a character who has few or no redeeming features. There was a strong attempt by the actors to do a good job and I think that they did, which is why I pretty much find it unwatchable, except for John’s moments.

        • Yes, it paints a rather bleak picture of dysfunctional/abusive families and relationships. I haven’t watched the parts without John all that much either. In fact there are some scenes with John that I cannot bear to watch.. (Carol&John in the car, Carol&John consummating their marriage).

          • Carol and John in the car just breaks my heart. I hope things got better for them in bed, but I can’t help but think that her obsession for Andrew would always be between them. You just want better for this sweet man. He deserves a great romance. I’d like to think that in a few years it happens for him.

            • Fanfic authors on DF have dealt more kindly with John Standring, giving him the love he deserved, picking up the story after the events of the movie. It’s not just you who wants better for the sweetheart of a farmer.

      • I think it’s a good production, although I definitely find certain scenes painful to watch. There is definitely a bleakness to it. It’s to Alun Armstrong’s credit as an actor that I despise him here and still like him so much in other roles. I really like Sarah Smart–you know what is funny is the first role I saw Julie Graham in was opposite Sarah in At Home with the Breathwaites. JG was a manipulative, greedy woman who seduced Sarah’s vulnerable, sexually confused character. I detested Graham’s character and my feelings did not improve when I watched BTS. Go figure.

        • Alun Armstrong is fantastic. I cried like a baby when his character died in Garrow’s Law (sorry for the spoiler…)..he was really loveable as Garrow’s mentor and friend. As loveable as he was disgusting in Sparhouse.

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