Need a mood boost? Want to lift some flagging spirits? Feel like ogling a really hot fella? Feel like working up a good sweat? I think I can help you with that.



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  1. Been watching Robin Hood a lot of the evening as miraculously we still have power. Apparently I live in the right area as the rival company has tons of outtages. It’s bizarre outside. It is warm and clear with the moon shining. New York is flooding with the water up to the attic in parts of Staten Island. We are actually supposed to get it some time in the night. I don’t know what I’m more worried about — property damage or where 225 pounds of dog is supposed to pee tomorrow. I pray that everyone is safe and dry tonight.

    • Well, I am thankful to hear you still have power. That’s a blessing! It was such a beautiful (if chilly) day here it was hard to think of the rough weather the east coast was getting. I hope whatever you get it won’t be too excessive. Hang in there!

      We had a nice visit to Pensacola. Benny is going back in the morning to the NAS there and watch the Blue Angels perform and visit the museum. He and my BIL are out looking at TVs tonight while Benny is here to help him make selections. My sis and I watched a really cute Martin Freeman film on DVD tonight and she’s out walking Hannah right now. She’s been such a lovely hostess I suggested to Benny we pick up Cinnabons in Pensacola for a breakfast treat in the morning.

      Klutz that I am, I was trying to check something on the DVD player earlier, lost my balance and crashed into the entertainment unit, smacking my head and shoulder against it . Then a few minutes ago I smashed my little toe on the right foot into the bedroom door and I think I may have broken it. Some days I feel like an accident waiting to happen LOL Ah well, it could be worse! 😉

      • It sounds like you had a good time, Angie, except for the accidents. I find that the FMS messes with my proprioception, that is, the sense of where my body parts are. The general sense of pain seems to cloud or interfere with other neural signals, and there you go. You know the drill for the busted toe. When I broke mine recently, I splinted it underneath to align with the other toes using the shaft of a cotton swab, then taped it in place. Hope it heals quickly!

        • My throbbing toe is now turning purple . . . looks like I will be wearing my bedroom slippers home later. My toes are so jammed together I don’t think we will be able to splint it. Haven’t been able to sleep b/c Benny was sawing serious logs. I went in the other bedroom and finished reading a book on my Fire, but I could also still hear him snoring, bless his heart. Came back in here to get my computer and he woke up and we have been talking. Anyway, it was a nice evening otherwise. Sis loved the movie and my bargain DVD (used in v. Good condition, under three dollars and free shipping, no tax) played perfectly. 😀

          • Purple, huh? Yeah, I bet you broke it. Elevate + ice to keep the swelling down, chocolate for antioxidants + NSAID to reduce inflammation, and yes, bedroom slippers are a good idea. I wore my “dress” Skechers, a sort of MaryJane style with enough room to accommodate the swelling and adjustable instep strap.

            Still, you got a nit of reading in and talking with Benny is a good thing.

      • Oh, no! I hope your toe turns out to be OK. I did that about a month ago! Purple, swollen toes and then my foot started to turn a little purple. So I went to have an x-rayed (in case a bone in my foot was broken). It turned out nothing broken. I elevated it and iced it down. It still aches sometimes. But it’s terrible to have to add that to all of your regular aches and pains! Take care!!

        • Freakish things seem to happen to me. Years ago a child safety gate which we were using with our dog fell and struck the top of one foot. A large lump rose on the foot and it was hard as a rock and very painful to touch. The doctors at the base hospital had xrays taken but couldn’t ever decide exactly what damage had been done. All I knew was I could not wear an enclosed shoe on that foot and it was the middle of winter in South Dakota. Took a while for the lump to finally shrink and disappear. Go figure.??

    • Praying you’re still safe and dry. Will your dogs go on command? It may be possible to use a litter box arrangement, as a friend did with her dog when they were unexpectedly snowed in.

  2. Ah, yes, this is part of my “Dancing With Guy” play list, enough to give me a half hour of low-impact exercise. He sure is inspiring in every sense.

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