Monday musings: Mother Nature, beautiful and terrible


There’s a chill in the air here and a jacket and shoes do not go amiss when you venture outside. You step out onto the balcony and drink in the morning beauty, always amazed at the ever-changing seascape before youA couple walks slowly down the beach, pausing to watch a bird skipping across the water’s surface as it does a bit of fishing for its breakfast.

The view from the balcony in Orange Beach between 7:30 and 8 a.m. Monday. As Benny said, you get this great ombre effect between the sky and the sea.

Even as I enjoy all the splendid beauty of Mother Nature on this Monday morning, I am reminded that many people are facing a difficult day that may bring more than inconvenience and frustration. This storm could wreak significant havoc on life and property. Remember you are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope these images will lift your spirits, along with the knowledge that people who may live far away from you still care.

I made this video last year after a series of deadly tornadoes took a devastating toll on Alabama and other states in what was called “April’s Fury.”  I share it again now as a reminder we all need to encourage and support one another in times like this.  No man (or woman) is an island . . .

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  1. My sister and I sat and watched this together as we wait for Sandy to move in on us. She said to tell you that it was beautiful and that she’s enjoying your videos. Right now it’s like being stalked by a predator that you have no way to avoid. I was just listening to the governor of NY and he said people are going to die in this storm. From the looks of it you will catch some of the bad weather it spawns and in some area they are expecting several feet of snow. The VA sent everyone they could spare home late this morning and no one is expected to report in tomorrow with Wednesday being up to them and only if it’s safe. It’s up to us to make preparations and to not do anything stupid, but human nature being what it is you know some moron is going to throw a Hurricane Party like they did in Biloxi during Camille when only 2 out of 25 idiots survived. I’m sure my sister and I and our 4 dogs will be just fine, I’m sure going to miss being able to come here for distraction when the power goes out though. Sigh.

    • You’re in our thoughts and prayers. I hope that people will see sense and prepare, evacuating when and how they can. The feds learned from the experience of Katrina, and now there are provisions to help people, to let them take their pets, and so on. Even when the power goes, we’ll be here thinking of you and waiting for you.

  2. Thanks Angie, The news about the hurricane that is lashing the people of the U. S. leave us deeply shocked. We will pray for you.
    Great Vid.

  3. We’re on the edge and being spared the worse, Thank God. My friend’s family in is NYC, including her house bound Mom, in Queens. She can’t get her sister to answer her phone and is scared. I hope that everyone stays safe!

  4. Thanks for this, Angie. And everyone, for the thoughts and prayers. We still have power, thank goodness. We are in the direct path of the storm, as much as there is a “direct” path. It has changed many times over the course of the last two days. Right now, the path is about 10 miles to our south. It’s been raining since last night, sporadically heavy, but constant. The winds are moderate, steady, but gusting more often now. That’s the scary part for me, the wind. Our home is surrounded by medium- to old-growth trees. Rain-soaked ground + old, heavy trees + heavy, gusting winds … you can do the math.

    Hubby and I have taken all the precautions we know how to. Now, just waiting it out. Waiting, as JaneGael said, for the predator to strike after being stalked for hours on end.

    We’ll keep checking in as the power allows. In the meantime, I’m keeping my spirits up with lovely work like yours that serves as a wonderful distraction from Mother Nature’s hissy fit out there. 😀

  5. Thinking and praying for everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy, both in the US and Eastern Canada which are already feeling the effects with no doubt worse to come. Keep safe dear friends.

  6. Zan, I’m sorry to hear that you are directly in the path. I hope your trees hold fast and protect you as they have done for decades. From what I’m hearing it’s not that it’s going to slam like Katrina, but that the area of impact will be huge. It’s also going slow so it will last longer than normal. It doesn’t seem as if the authorities are really worried about anyone who is not in flood areas, although downed trees are a concern as are loose power lines. Basically if you aren’t stupid or really unlucky you should be okay if not colossally inconvenienced.

    Yes, people are stupid enough to actually go to the beach during a category 5 hurricane and expect to survive. The laws of Darwin being what they are, that just didn’t happen. Some moron drowned yesterday kayaking in the surf the other moron with him was rescued.

    I’ve been sitting here watching Robin Hood. Never having seen it before it’s been a great distraction. Every time I start to feel sorry for Guy he ups the sadism level a bit more and I want to drop kick him into next week. He did say that his intent was to have your skin crawl every time he looks at Marion. You can see the drama lessons in his range of expressions. The sheriff on the other hand, is less subtle, but Kevin did say he went to drama school to get laid, so there you have it. LOL

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