Happy Halloween from the lads, my dears!


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  1. Happy Halloween to you, too. Mr. Storyteller, can you tell me a Halloween story? not just one, there’s a long night to stay awake and today is bad, it’s raining.

  2. A grey wet day here too although it’s a mild 12 degrees. Just looking at these “lads” certainly dispels the darkness. The first picture alone is knee weakening! 😉 As has been said he’s the “mac ‘n cheese for the soul!!” I might just have to go curl up with one of his chaRActers for a while. 🙂

      • Update!! I actually curled up with all four episodes of N&S and our much-loved TDHBECMO!! *swoon* Guess which scene I played over and over, slow mo-ed then played again? *guh!!!!!!!!!!!!* Now THAT is one romantic ending that I will never, ever, tire of watching. 😉 Oh Mr Thornton, you leave us quite breathless and yes, TINGLING!!

        • Interesting that a poll on RANet asked “How many times have you watched N&S (not counting rewatching the train station scene)?” How well they know us, but then they’re addicted themselves.

  3. Interestingly and unusually, pic #1 doesn’t do much for me but pic #2…wowowow..Add a black kitty to it.. Pure heaven and Simply.Irresistible!! That picture of Guy always reminds me of Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”. (no offence to SIr Guy…:D)

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