Predatory instincts


We know we should be careful, beware, to resist. And yet . . .

Guy, honey, you can pretty much suck anything you want anywhere you want. I’m just sayin’ . . . *sigh*

Glad you have enjoyed the Halloween fun; I will do my best to get caught up with the comments tomorrow. The toe is sore and I have a nice series of bruises down the right side of my body. But as I’ve said, I know it could be worse. Thumper Cat says she is cold and wants to go to bed and I am feeling a bit tuckered myself. Catch you tomorrow!

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  1. Guy as a vampire — you did a great job with this one. I can see myself wanting to be lunch…

    Have a good rest with Thumper; I hope your toe lets you sleep. Here’s wishing you sweet dreams.

    • I was really pleased with how this one came out. The expression *Guy’s “to arms!” face* worked perfectly for the vampire look. I rested fairly well as a certain kitty kept my loder body quite toasty. 😉 She was adorable this morning, looking “as snug as a bug in a rug” nestled down in the throw with part of it wrapped around her.My toe feels a little better today.

      • Glad to hear that you rested and that your toe is feeling better. The purple is probably beginning to morph into green and yellow. Good on Thumper for keeping you warm and well-snuggled.

  2. An irresistible predator, it is hard to resist. Everything about him is attractive. RA vampire is very well done, he could play this role in an exceptional way. Thanks Angie for this good beginning of the day. I hope you feel better with your finger. Have a good day!

    • If ever a man was designed to tempt a woman, it is he! I do think Richard could be an extremely devastating vampire if he played such a role. Glad I could start your day off well. It’s my toe, by the way, not my finger, and thank you for your concern. Feels a bit better today. I am trying not to do anything to aggravate it worse.

      • Angie, I suspect that in Italian it’s the same word. In Spanish, “dedo” can mean either finger or toe, depending on context..

        • Ah, that explains it. 😀 I can remember the word for hand in Spanish, but not fingers. I once got my hand caught in a heavy safe door (remember me saying freakish things happen to me??) and boy, my poor fingers!!

  3. Sorry for repeating myself, but if only he could have been cast as vampire Bill in True Blood…RA as Bill and ASkars as Erik..The TV screens might have spontaneously combusted from all that sexiness. 😀 Plus, he could have practiced his American accent. 🙂 I’m quite sure he’d have done a better job with it than Stephen Moyer. After all, if RA can pronounce “Dobogókő” (name of Hungarian location where they shot Robin Hood) properly, I’m positive he could master any accent out there! He has a very good ear.

    • True, if he could manage the Powhiri ceremony without anyone sniggering or hooting, I expect he can manage just about anything. I’m looking forward to hearing his voice as Gary in “Black Sky”.

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