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The Gentlemanly Giant: Thoughts on the Japan Press Conference


I had somewhat better luck tonight. Although as usual  (given our slower connection) there was some  buffering with the livestreaming, I was actually able to see and hear some of RA during the press conference in Japan, and the picture quality was beautiful. So was Richard Armitage, in every sense of the word.

Richard, looking retro rock n' roll cool, shares crinkles and answers questions for the press in Japan.

Richard, looking retro rock n’ roll cool, shares crinkles and answers questions for the press in Japan.

I know from Twitter that he didn’t get asked many questions, although when he did they were answered thoughtfully and intelligently in that deep chocolate voice we love. As always, he was attentive and responsive to what his fellow Hobbit folks were saying.

And it was what others had to say about him that really caught my attention tonight.

Peter Jackson saidthat if Martin as Bilbo was its heart, then Richard as Thorin was the soul of the movie. That this quiet actor is one that absolutely holds your attention on the screen.

Martin Freeman was very gracious in his comments about Richard, describing him as an extraordinary human being.

Richard was lauded for his positive qualities above and beyond that amazing talent of his: his quiet determination, his sweet nature, his decency, his stoical work ethic.

I don’t think it’s just us who love and admire Richard Crispin Armitage. As someone said on Twitter, he’s the man women want and men want to be like.

I don’t think our modest guy quite knew what to do with all that praise. But we all know he deserved every last drop of it, and more.

At the end of the conference, the group posed for photos. As usual, Richard, that dazzling smile in place, towered over the rest–Martin, Sir Peter, Andy and Elijah.

But then, he’s a giant of a man anywhere he goes. A giant of a gentleman, a talent. A giant of an extraordinary human being.

Richard, I am so very, very proud of you.

ETA: The link below will take you to the press conference in five parts. Thank you, RAC!


Screencaps courtesy of Twitter and Sinjoor.

Screencaps courtesy of Twitter and Sinjoor.

Richard, are you reading my mind? *sigh*


The press conference pics are now up at, if you haven’t checked them out yet. Gorgeous.

I thought Richard Armitage looked absolutely terrific at the The Hobbit press conference in his shirt/vest/tie combo. As someone commented here, I do feel a sort of Simon Baker-as-Patrick Jane (The Mentalist) vibe going on here. And I like it. And it’s always a pleasure to see him so animated. The crinkles, the smiles, talking with his hands. As for the Maori greeting . . . *thud*






Remember, as Fanny says, it isn’t the amount, it’s the thought that counts! If you haven’t already, give a little in honor of the man who has given us so much!!

DistRActed in ReAlity

I believe I speak for many Richard Armitage fans that we are all happy and proud for him.

The Hobbit premiere has launched his career with a bash and I love the idea of giftbombing his charities. Click on the widget for Richard’s page on JustGiving to choose your charity of choice, you have a choice of leaving a message or not and remember what’s most important isn’t the amount but the thought that counts. click & shARe your RA love 🙂

Info on past donation drives can be found on Richard Armitage Online and

Happy fangurling and giftbombing!

EDIT: Can’t leave with some silly pun:

He’s sure now on people’s RADAR (that’s cause there isn’t a celebRAtion fanvid to my knowledge, YET)

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Guy waxes rhapsodic on Guyday Friday


“A-ha!!” Guy sounded positively triumphant. And the smirk was to die for.

“So it seems the CReAtor wore something called–waxed jeans?–and not true leather . . .”

She grinned. “As if there was ever any real doubt you were still the undisputed leader of Team Leather.”

A velvet chuckle. “As IF . . .”





Sir Guy Ruminates on the CReAtor’s Leather


“Enough about this Thorin.  And that–premiere. It IS my day, after all. Guyday Friday.” Guy folds his arms across his broad chest and expels a breath.

“Yes, Guy, and you may have noticed the earlier post on RA in leather was filled with fanart of–YOU.”

A sniff and a toss of his lustrous mane.  He is still clearly not placated.

“Yesssss–but that was only because you wenches hadn’t found the proof yet that the CReAtor was actually wearing leather at this Australian soiree.”

He gives her a sidelong glance with those kohl-rimmed eyes. “I suppose a post on his fine new leather trousers will be showing up very soon here.”

“Maybe–maybe not. It is, after all, Guyday Friday. And I never, ever have forgotten that.” She widened her own big blue eyes as  she walked over and looked up into his face. Two, after all, could play at that game.

Guy blinked and rubbed the side of his nose with one long finger. “No–no, I suppose you haven’t,” he admitted, just a little grudgingly.

With a half-smile, she jerked her head in the direction of the kitchen. “There are brownies. With chocolate chunks and walnuts. Very moist and fudgy.”

The Dark Knight’s face visibly brightened. “I am feeling a bit peckish.”

He cleared his throat and looked at his feet. “Uhmmm. Pardon me for being slightly–stroppy.” Guy raised his eyes to meet hers. “You never have forgotten, LW, that’s true.”

Her smile broadened. “All is forgiven. Go enjoy your brownie, you big lug,” she said, giving him a playful swat on his arm.

As he strides away–my goodness, but she does enjoy watching him exit a room–Guy’s chocolate tones rumble: “Anyway, I’m the one who showed how good he could look in leather . . .”

“And it’s not BLACK leather he wore, either, Sir Guy,” LW added.

Suddenly he stuck his head back inside the door. ” True. Do you suppose–he could use a few lessons in really working those trousers?”

LW grinned. “I am certain he would be delighted, Sir Guy.”

And with a smirk and flick of his mane, Sir Guy headed away for his date with the brownie pan.



From akari01's Tumblr account, Richard rocking the blue-grey leather trousers and the black kicks for the ARIA awards.

From akari01’s Tumblr account, Richard rocking the blue-grey leather trousers and the black kicks for the ARIA awards.

From the Russian Forum: RA on “King” Thorin, King R III


Here’s a short video from the Wellington red carpet courtesy of the Russian Forum and Nadia, which touches on playing a hero and the heartthrob question, and whether or not RA still wants to play Richard III . . .

You want to see the Army Tee that Caught RA’s Eye? Here it is.


Many thanks to the Belgian Beauty, Nadia, and T-shirt designer Tanni for providing this to us. This is the brilliant design worn by a group of Armitage Army fans present at the Hobbit red carpet in Wellington. According to Meri, the ladies added a few embellishments to ensure they caught the Lovely One’s eyes. Well, it worked.  The T-shirts earned the admiration of Richard (who wanted one for himself).


Have to say it reminded me of this little creation of my own:

You can cut the alpha male tension like a knife . . .

You can cut the alpha male tension like a knife . . .

Hope this town is big enough for the two of them. Whew!

Did you women say you want RA in black leather?


Well, Guyday Friday is already here in some parts of the world—so . . . for your viewing pleasure (and Sir Guy just loves pleasuring you) here’s six feet two (and a half?!) inches of smokin’ hot black leather-clad testosterone. You’re welcome.

Here I am, wenches, in all my smirking,smouldering glory.

Marian . . . you know I look a damn sight better in these leathers than Forest Boy ever could.

The undisputed winner.

Click on GIF if Sir Guy is not strutting down the corridor to you . . .

Again, click if you can’t see the Divine Derriere in motion.


Oh, Richard . . . you “got me!” RA at the Arias


Thank you, Bccmee and friend, who supplied this video snippet of the Arias featuring Andy Serkis, Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage presenting the award for Album of the Year. Richard is sounding sooooo sexy (DEEP voice. Channeling Thorin?) and looking delicious back in black–and rumor has it the trousers are leather? Ohhhhhhhhh . . .



And here’s some photos that showed up taken by a lady who had a fantastic seat for the show, Erin Brown, aka Speedmouse. I believe she referred to him as “magnificent.”

I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy . . .

Still side-stepping “Hot Dwarf” issue, more fanart. Oh, you adorable boy.


Here’s another interview with Andy, Martin and Richard with dear RA cleverly side-stepping the whole “hot dwarf” issue  once more (love how Martin and Andy also chime in here). The image quality was a bit muddy on my end, but hey, you know how gorgeous he looks and you can hear him just fine. 😉  Thank you, Ali, for the link on Twitter.

And while I am at it, some more fanart from the premiere:

Oh, come on, Richard, you know you are!

Here you go: Transcript of ZM audio interview


(This is a transcript of the audio interview featured in the last post. There were a few things I couldn’t catch, either, but I think I have covered all the most important stuff. Perhaps someone from Down Under can fill in any blanks. There were three interviewers, but I couldn’t tell the two guys apart by their voices, so I simply ID any male voice other than RA’s as  “guy.”)

(guy) “And now one of the main characters is hanging out with us. Richard (mispronounces last name *sigh*) Ahm-i-tahge.”

(girl’s voice) “Welcome!”

(guy) “Richard, hello!”

Richard:Oh, yeah, there we go. (problem with mike??) How are you?”

guy: ” Not bad. You’re looking so sharp.”

Richard: “Thank you very much. Well, it was about time. I was a bit rough as that old dwarf–”

(girl) “Sexy rough. All three of us were saying that–”

Richard: (laughs)  “A bit rough and dirty.”

(girl) “Yessss.”

(guy) “We got told by a lady today, and I don’t know what part of the world she was from, but she said you were smouldering.

Is that a description that you would–”

Richard: “Well, you know what, I always imagined him as-as a kind of a dying flame that was about to be reignited, and you know you do see him running through forests–on fire, so–I don’t know.”

(girl) “Well, it’s good that you’re allowed to talk about it, ’cause we’re not!” (laughter in group)

(guy) “Yeah, we had to sign a form.” (next words I don’t understand) But that’s OK, because you’ve forgiven us!”

Richard: “You had to sign a form.”

Richard: “You’ll see it, you’ll see it, it is in the movie.”

(girl)  “No, we have seen it–”

Richard: “But you’re not allowed to talk about it.”

(girl) “We can say to you that we love that part we aren’t allowed to talk about just yet. It’s just amazing.”

Richard: “Thank you so much.”

(girl) “So tell me, what’s it like being a sex symbol.”

Richard: (laughs)  “I don’t know. You tell me!”

(guy) (yells) Owwwwwwwwwww. She just–she just clearly dished it out there!”

Richard: (being downright cheeky) “Clearly she is.”

(girl) But you are. We’ve met a lot, a lot of the fans, and they are just obsessed with you. Like when we went into the ?? in Tepapa? and they were saying, ‘Is he in there? Is Richard in there??'”And they were from all over the world–Finland, Australia, Hawaii–I mean, they’ve all come to see you.”

Richard: Well, you know what I think is because the character has these heroic ambitions. There’s that feeling of him but you know there’s a flaw in him and he’s gonna crack up in the second two movies–”

(girl) “That’s what makes him so much more . . .” (voice fades out)

Richard: “I guess so, and he’s gonna come back and redeem himself.”  (thank yous and farewells after that. Richard says “see you soon” and I think of the Cbeebies)

“I don’t know, you tell me!” Oh, Richard, you’re adorable.


If you haven’t already, you must listen to this delicious radio station soundbite of RA on The Hobbit red carpet posted at RANet. There’s his typical good humor and modesty, and I love how he (quite flirtatiously) turns a question about his sex symbol status on its head. 😉

Oh, Richard, baby. It’s not just because the character is a hero that women are drawn to him (and to YOU). And you don’t just smoulder as Thorin because he’s “a dying flame about to be reignited.” Or because he apparently runs through the forest on fire at some point (ouch!). And you ARE a sex symbol, sweetheart, modest and reluctant though you may be to admit it.

Of course, that modesty and humility just endears you all the more to us–and makes you all the more irresistible, you sharp-dressed, sexy man, you. And women (and men) all over the world know it–and many more are learning. I merely have to look at my stats to realize that.

Thorin Thursday: Thorinmania Fully Underway!


The IMAX poster. Do you think they were going for sexy here?

Isn’t he though?

The weight of his burden is visible in Thorin’s eyes.

Formidable=Thorin Oakenshield

I love being able to see Thorin’s wonderful costume in detail here.

FYI: Turns out the old computer had a broken wire in the adapter so Benny ordered a replacement. Won’t be able to retrieve a lot of stuff until we get it. I’ve been through two adapters with that laptop and I honestly can’t recommend Toshiba computers. TVs, yes–but not laptops. Seems difficulties with the electric adapters  is a common problem with that brand. *sigh* Let’s hope this HP holds up better.

I am proud of the new unit. At long last I have keys where half the letters/symbols aren’t worn off, a key isn’t missing and the left click button actually works (although I prefer an optical mouse, anyway). I do give my computers a workout!

Since I don’t have access yet to a lot of my stuff, things may look a bit different at the blog over the next couple of days, but you will be getting regular posts.