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Some Thorin for Thursday: Images & Update on Soundtrack!



Here’s a link to Amazon and the soundtrack ( including, of course,  that hauntingly beautiful Misty Mountains song with RA and the fellow dwarves). The soundtrack is now available for pre-order with the release expected on December 11.  There is both a special edition and a regular edition available.  The deluxe edition includes Academy Award-winning composer Howard Shore‘s score for the film, along with seven extended score cues, six bonus tracks and deluxe liner notes in a 2 CD hardbound digibook. The score was recorded at the legendary Abbey Roads Studios with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Why do I have a feeling there will be an awful lot of Hobbiting going on between now and mid-December . . . with the jingle of cash registers ringing merrily as the juggernaut continues?

Obambulating with Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


This week’s words from A.Word. A. Day feature selections that sound as if they might be tied to the candidates in the presidential election here in the U.S.–but actually have no connection.

I loved this one:

obombulate: (verb) to walk about. From the Latin,  ob- (to) + ambulare (to walk). Earliest documented use: 1614.

Oh, I do enjoy watching Mr. Armitage and his various ChaRActers doing a bit of obombulating, don’t you?

Harry Kennedy obombulates in Dibley with its charming vicar, Geraldine in a screencap from “The Vicar of Dibley” (courtesy of RANet).

Sir Guy is obombulating a bit unsteadily when he answers Robin’s challenge in the first ep of RH S3.

Oh, dear. Obambulate as much as you want to in that outfit, my Dark Knight!

Sgt. Porter obambulates in the desert (and amazingly, gets a signal on his smartphone).

Watching Richard Armitage obombulate with those long, long legs, those slinky hips and the Derriere of Delight can be downright discombobulating (throwing one into a state of confusion).

If you could obambulate with Mr. Armitage or one of his characters, when and where you choose to do it?