Obambulating with Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


This week’s words from A.Word. A. Day feature selections that sound as if they might be tied to the candidates in the presidential election here in the U.S.–but actually have no connection.

I loved this one:

obombulate: (verb) to walk about. From the Latin,  ob- (to) + ambulare (to walk). Earliest documented use: 1614.

Oh, I do enjoy watching Mr. Armitage and his various ChaRActers doing a bit of obombulating, don’t you?

Harry Kennedy obombulates in Dibley with its charming vicar, Geraldine in a screencap from “The Vicar of Dibley” (courtesy of RANet).

Sir Guy is obombulating a bit unsteadily when he answers Robin’s challenge in the first ep of RH S3.

Oh, dear. Obambulate as much as you want to in that outfit, my Dark Knight!

Sgt. Porter obambulates in the desert (and amazingly, gets a signal on his smartphone).

Watching Richard Armitage obombulate with those long, long legs, those slinky hips and the Derriere of Delight can be downright discombobulating (throwing one into a state of confusion).

If you could obambulate with Mr. Armitage or one of his characters, when and where you choose to do it?

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  1. Hey! My Latin’s not as bad as I thought…I got this one before I even looked 🙂 Obambulation is always best shirtless in leather pants – duh!

      • I figured that’s what you meant. As for Spain or Greece–well, I know Leigh will give you a run for your money for your obabambulating delight in Spain, so you might stick with Greece, especially since you are going to be in the company of a Greek god, right?? 😉

        • Topless I might be OK…leather pants? NO WAY 🙂

          I’ll have to touch base with Leigh – I’m doing a study abroad trip to Spain in 2014 – I’m sure we could work something out – timeshare?

          • Sure, Obscura. It just depends on where you want or need to be in Spain. I’m in a small village in Andalucia, but close to an historic city. If you are studying the Al Andaluz, this could be a good base for you. (Angie, feel free to give her my e-mail.)

              • Much as I would love to go obambulating with RA, it will have to be in my dreams, most definitely, so space/time does not enter into it.

  2. Oh..it would have to be Hampstead Heath in London. On a bright Spring day..he can wear his jeans, T-shirt &leather jacket,I don’t mind! 🙂

  3. Definitely an obombulation across the dale with sweet John. Scruffy jeans and a T that’s just slightly too small. Hebden Beck river runs though the area and might just have a nice private place to go swimming. Then we could lay in the warmth of the sun to dry…

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