Guyday Friday: Yeah, I Didn’t Forget!


Of course, you’ve gotten some doses of Guy over the last few days anyway, but he’d be highly upset (huge quantities of Cheez-Its and a brownie or two notwithstanding) if a Friday passed without saluting our favorite leather-clad henchman.

Pirate Cat and I have been doing a lot of bonding–she actually seemed a little frightened when I first got back home–but once again she is my little shadow. She likes the idea of going on an adventure with Pirate Guy to discover treasure, me hearties. 😉  Perhaps that would make up for Thumper being so charmed by Little Thorin??

By the way, Little Guy (and Robin and Vasey) arrived from Merry Olde England. I guess the bubble wrap helped keep them from killing each other in the very tight space they occupied on the trip over.  They have not been introduced to Little Thorin yet. I just haven’t quite had the energy . . . if you know what I mean. *sigh*

“Ladywriter . . .”

“Yes, Sir Guy.”

The Dark Knight strips the paper off a miniature KitKat bar and pauses before popping it between his shapely lips, a slight furrow appearing between those saturnine eyebrows.

“I’ve been thinking, LW . . .”

Ladywriter tries wriggling her broken toe and winces. “Thinking about how much you’ve enjoyed that bag of Halloween treats?”

Sir Guy’s mouth curls into a boyish smile as he chews. “This Halloween celebration is great fun, I must confess. All the costumes. The scary films.”  The smile deepens. “The sweets.”

He clears his throat and tilts his dark head, flicking back a stray strand of his tousled mane. “However, what I have been thinking about is–you haven’t completed your retelling of your birthday yet for your readers.”

Ladywriter pops a couple of aspirin and washes them down with Coke. “Oh, I know, Sir Guy. I am running behind.  Trying to regroup, my dearest Leather-Clad Hottie.” 

She gives him a wry smile as she lifts her damaged foot and wags it. “I don’t think I will be running any marathons this weekend. No beautiful beach views to lure me away. Perhaps I can make some progress writing. The end of the story is overdue.”

Sir Guy inclines his head graciously, his eyes lighting up. “I do have a rather prominent role in the final chapter of the story, do I not?”

Ladywriter nods and laughs softly. “And you can’t wait for everyone to read it, can you?”

He attempts an insouciant shrug. “I thought your readers might find it–amusing . . .”

Happy Guyday Friday to all!!

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  1. I’ve been watching S3 of RH or should that be The Sir Guy of Gisborne Story? He is SO delicious! Last night I watched episodes 8, 9 and 10. In spite of having watched the whole series many many times, this was the first time I had noticed that when Meg asks Guy to kiss her he shakes his head. I guess I must have been looking at Meg’s expression but when I slowed it down I realized that he at first refuses but when she says, “Please!” he gives in, no doubt because he must have realized she was dying. What a beautifully sweet chaste little kiss he gives her, though. Such a heartwrenching scene and so brilliantly played by both of them. But oh my! I do so love that extra thick stubble Guy is sporting in the “Bad Blood” episode!! He certainly looks thinner there too – possibly because of filming Spooks 7.

    I do hope your poor little toe heals well Angie. Surely one of the lads could kiss it better for you! 😉 I did exactly the same thing when I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going! OUCH!! I can still remember it clearly even though it was some years ago!

    • I noticed it the first time (surprisingly, considering I was boo-hooing) and you could tell he was really hesitant to kiss her, as if he felt it would be entirely inappropriate. And then he realized how much it meant to her and knew it was the right thing to do . . . don’t tell me Guy couldn’t be sensitive to the needs of others and thinking only of his own. Truly heart wrenching.

      Yes, having seen the glories of Thorin, I can only say Guy with his mane and a full beard would have been super thud-worthy.

        • Exactly. I am not saying he didn’t have some serious issues–living with Vasey for any length of time was enough to warp the most well-adjusted person and we know about the difficulties of his earlier life–but he was still able to feel empathy and compassion and to plead for someone else’s life when his own was about to be taken.

  2. Happy Belated Guyday Friday! Except it’s always Guyday around here, and I suspect he knows it. I’m glad you’re catching up, resting that toe, and getting loved up by your kitties.

  3. You do realize that if RA was to dress as Jack that no woman would be safe. I can envision soooo many covers for bodice rippers with his chest artfully bared, hair blowing in the wind looking lustfully at a willing wench in a state of bosomy disarray. Move over Fabio — you have met your match.

    I’m sure he would attend most solicitously to Milady’s broken toe and do everything in his power to make you more comfortable. 😉

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