Cats! Armitage & Otherwise


Ah, I would recognize those thighs anywhere, methinks.

Such a cute and charming feline!

Callie said Thumper had gotten quite enough blog space of late, and so I thought better share some artwork featuring our own butterscotch, cream and chocolate confection of a kitty.

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  1. Lovely cats! I, too, think I would know those thighs anywhere. *snickers guiltily* I’m glad to see Callie making her appearance here.

  2. The shoulders and beautiful hands (and those long thumbs!) are a dead give-away too! Poor man! We seem to have studied much of him in such detail that he’s almost impossible to miss. 😉

  3. our RA has worked really hard, his past in the musical makes him even more adorable. A cat sooooo sexy, and those thighs seem to be sculpted. Callie is very cute, thanks angie.

  4. I’m glad Callie got her due! 🙂 As I mentioned in a comment to a previous post, I showed the Cats rehearsal video to one of my best friends on Thu (she wanted to see Richard dance 🙂 ). I was very pleased that she liked it! Now I’ll try to get her to watch some of Richard’s work with me..It’d be so wonderful if she’d come to appreciate Richard as an actor even if she doesn’t become a mad fan like me..

    • Those are THE best thighs I’ve ever seen, I do believe. *Sigh* They look great dressed and undressed. In costume and out of it. I like the fan art I did with him with his Mr. Storyteller Cbeebies face and a Cats costume. You get the effect and you still see his bee-yoooo-ti-ful face. 😉

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