Splendiferous Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


This is one of my favorite words in the English language. So I was completely delighted to see it arrive in my inbox this morning.

Splendiferous (adj.) magnificent; fine.  Splendiferous is an elaboration of the word splendid (gorgeous, sumptuous, dazzling) but owes its roots to the Latin splendere “to shine” and ferre “to bear.”

Surely, amongst the adjectives we have found so appropriate to describe our dearest RA, we must include the word “splendiferous?”

Porter, a splendiferous hero–brave, resourceful, relentless, yet tender, too. Who would not wish for such a courageous soldier to come to their rescue?

Dearest Harry Kennedy–funny, sweet, sunny-natured, and a man who knows a good woman when he meets her. Simply splendiferous as the handsome stranger we’d all like to move into our neighborhood.

Sir Guy, so regal on horseback as he solemnly rides through the gates of Nottingham to meet Jasper and the prince’s men. Sir Guy, knowing the city is about to be burned and that he will return to almost certain death rather than leave Marian’s side. I’d call that splendiferous.

That kiss? Oh, nothing less than absolutely, positively–splendiferous.

Lucas–our splendiferous spy, no matter what TPTB tried to do to this wonderful character so beautifully crafted by Richard.

Of course, there’s the man himself–intelligent, multi-talented, insightful, versatile, good-humored, modest, humble, gentlemanly, charming, drop-dead gorgeous and sexy as all get out. Such a splendiferous example of masculinity, is he not?? An all=around splendiferous human being.

I know everybody’s probably seen this one, but it is one of my most viewed, most liked videos and you might say it has a touch of the splendiferous in it–after all, who is the focus of it? And Elizaveta’s song is so infectious . . .

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  1. It really is such a stunning video Angie featuring the many many faces of our splendiferous Rich. *sigh* Just looking at pictures of Richard lifts my mood. Thank you so much darling.

    • Thanks, my dear. It is a personal favorite of mine, too. Seems to hold up under repeat viewings, but then given it’s subject matter . . . 😉 Glad this helped you. 😀

  2. Your video about his career is fantastic, your presentation is really perfect. He’s so brilliant and talented, yet so humble and down to earth. I like the word Splendiferous to describe him, and your explanation is very detailed and persuasive 🙂 thanks Angie.

    • Why, thank you, Guilia, I am glad you liked it! 😀 That’s what makes him so remarkable, the level of his talents and gifts and beauty, yet he remains so very well grounded and modest. People who have far less going for them have far larger egos, or so it seems. And I am glad you like today’s word–it really does suit him beautifully. 😀

  3. Splendiferous – what a fabulous word it is, and oh so perfectly suited to our darling man.
    Out of all your vids, I think this one would have to be my favourite. Thanks, Angie! 😀

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