Final Call to Feast for Sunday


For some reason the Sir Mix-A-Lot song Baby Got Back popped into my head, hence the wording on the fan art.

(I believe the original was, “Oh. My. God. Becky, look at her butt.”) Of course, when referring to Mr. A, you would encourage Becky  and anyone else around to look at every inch of him. And listen to that chocolate voice. Then wait for the *thud.*


Having RA appear on an Inspector Lynley episode entitled In Divine Proportion was simply perfect, wasn’t it?


So mysterious, alluring . . .



A huge grin, a goofy giggle, a belly laugh. It’s all good.



Claude Monet may not have been able to afford more than cheap plonk for much of his career, but the talent of the man–and of the actor playing the artist–was rare and wonderful, indeed, the finest vintage. Thank goodness he was one artist who did achieve success and acclaim while still alive to enjoy it.



I couldn’t wait until Friday. Need I say more?


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  1. Ah, the dessert buffet! Yumm. And it’s true — with Sir Guy, I can’t wait for Friday either. He’s definitely better than central heating, at least for me.
    But it’s Monday morning and I have a train to catch. I’m going to be a kitty mommy tomorrow *happy dance* and I need to go into town to get the feline necessities.

    • You know how excited I am about the new addition to Lady Leigh’s household, don’t you? *does happy dance in head, as big purple/green/yellow/black toe would not be happy with the real thing* I know this new kitty will be well and truly loved and adored by his or her new mom.

      • I have to get a friend to take the photo because I don’t gave a camera (being possibly the world’s worst photographer), but as soon as I can cajole/coerce a friend into doing it, photo(s) will be coming your way. The little one is all black with golden eyes, too tiny yet for gender to be obvious. It was crying outside my friends’ restaurant at midnight, in the street, in the midst of a rainstorm. My friends scooped up the soggy fur-baby and took it home, but they have a house & barn full of pets. Guess who they thought of, the person who couldn’t say “no”?

          • I know what you mean. Thumper is a little miracle, and I’m so glad you rescued her. I’m so excited! Just three more hours and I’ll be on the train with a towel-lined carrier and a bottle of kitten formula made up, all ready to collect the tiny one. I’ll try to get the kitten to take a 10 ml bottle before we return on the train, so the poor thing won’t be crazy hungry. I’m all set up at home: litter box and mat, food and water dishes, a warm bed, and some Mozart. (I’ve never met a cat who didn’t like Mozart.) Somehow, the pet stores here don’t have scratching posts, so I’ll have to make one.

            • Benny said the other day, “You know what, Thumper? I bet that old dog who attacked you isn’t even around anymore and here you are, getting the last laugh.” 😉 She’s curled up on my legs right now, keeping me warm on a chilly afternoon. 😀 Can’t wait to hear more from you!!

            • Wow, she/he sounds absolutely gorgeous and sweet and cute! I’m so excited for you Leigh! The little darling will be so well looked after! Btw, I didn’t know cats liked Mozart! (Unfortunately I could never have a cat as I’m allergic to cat fur.. 😦 )

              • Listen, honey, as long as you don’t start talking about what all this excitment is making your Inner Goddess do a la Ana Steele, you can say “wow” all you wish. 😉

              • Yes, my little tiny kitten came home with me yesterday, after taking half a bottle of kitten formula. napping on my chest, and initially objecting to the carrier. For now, the kitten is called “Lucky” because the man who has the news-&-book shop at the train station said “gato fortunado” (fortunate cat) and I replied that the cat and I both had luck => “Lucky”. I think Lucky is a couple of weeks older than I first thought, because Lucky is drinking from a teacup rather than needing the bottle, eating a little tuna from a dish without ill effects, has perfect litter box manners, and cleans his/her face well. Being so small then is likely to be a result of hunger and a tough time during those first weeks. Lucky is still a bit skittish, but we played after breakfast today. In a few days, I’ll look under the tail and see what gender Lucky is, but for now, I just want Lucky to get comfortable and relaxed.

              • Awww thank you so much for the update, Leigh! Lucky is, indeed, a gato fortunado! Or gata fortunada? Anyway, enjoy getting to know each other and keep us posted about his/her progress! 🙂

              • It appears that Lucky is a boy. I rolled him over to give him a belly rub, and there was the tiniest set I’ve ever seen, He’s purring in the crook of my elbow now; he said “meep” as if he knows we’re coming up on the midnight feeding. Lightning and thunder don’t seem to bother him as long as we’re inside and food is coming.

              • I almost teared up when you told me you’d named him “Lucky.” Couldn’t help but think of that big, soulful-eyed, gentle boy of ours. I am so glad you two found each other. My little Thumper says contrary to superstition, black cats are very lucky–even luckier if they have a dash of white on them. 😉

              • I thought of your Lucky Cat, too, the wonderful soulful dude who smelled inexplicably of popcorn. I was rereading “Sloth Fiction” about the lads and the cats, and I love that they are immortalized in your stories.

                You know Thumper is right. I once received a birthday card from an English relative with pictures of good luck symbols on it, including a black cat. I have yet to find any white bits on Lucky, but he has a lot of growing to do. He just demolished his midnight tuna, and that should hold him until kitten milk at 5:00 a.m.

              • Guess what? Thumper now inexplicably smells of popcorn. I could just squeeze her non-stop, but I try to be good. 😉

                My mother had a wonderful cobby-bodied black cat named Midnight that lived a long life for an outdoor cat. I remember once I was walking back home from the farmhouse and Midnight was running right along after me. She was doing a little commuting. If the dogs tried to bother her, she made it known she wasn’t giving them the time of day. She disliked being held, but Midnight loved lots of stroking and attention. She first showed up with several kittens–Peanut, who was yellow, Sugar, also solid black and Smokey, who was a gorgeous long-haired grey cat with white “trim” and golden eyes. MIdnight ended up outliving all her boys.

  2. This is a great way to start a cold, gray November Monday! 😉
    Who needs steamin’ tea, when there’s steam on the screen?
    Thanks for kick-starting my week, Angie!!!

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