Simply Sublime, that Serendipity Should Send RA to Me . . .


I do love a bit of alliteration.

I mentioned that “splendiferous” is one of my favorite words in the English language.  To that I would have to add “sublime,” a word Hermione Norris, Richard’s co-star in Spooks and Cold Feet, used to describe him. Sublime: of such excellence, grandeur and beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe. Boy, did she hit the nail on the head or what? (I do love a smart, insightful woman who can also kick some major arse and look stylish doing it.)

The sublime Richard Armitage as the sublime Lucas North.

I am also very fond of the word “serendipity.” Serendipity: the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it. The occurrence or development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

I wasn’t looking for a brilliant, masterful, charismatic actor whose performances would touch my heart and soul. I wasn’t actively seeking out a man whose physical beauty would take my very breath away, an individual whose qualities as a human being–his kindness, thoughtfulness, modesty, groundedness, sense of humour and more–would stir such admiration and respect  and affection inside me.  Yet I found all of this by happy accident–by serendipity–one night in 2007 when I turned on my television and a tall, dark, leather-clad henchman came riding into my life.  Oh, I didn’t know all that yet, not then.

But as the months passed, I came to realize what a treasure this (then) somewhat obscure British actor named Richard Crispin Armitage, a fellow who had so completely captured my fancy, truly was.

I have speculated that Richard Armitage comes onto our radar when we need him most, even if we have no idea of it at the time. I was going through a difficult period with the health issues of our parents, Benny’s and mine, and coming to terms with their inevitable decline and loss. Since serendipity led me to discover the sublime RA, we have lost my mother, his father and a young nephew in heartbreaking ways. I have dealt with extended unemployment and a car accident that left me in horrific pain for longer than I care to remember, along with the everyday complications of chronic health conditions.

It’s all been made easier, a little more bearable, through the face, the voice, the words, the performances of Richard Armitage.  I’ve gotten cathartic benefits and the satisfaction of crafting something entertaining, moving, thought-provoking through the creative avenues I have been inspired to pursue–fiction, vidding, fanart, blogging–revolving around this very special man. And I have benefitted from the similar effect he has on so many others.

An exuberant RA with one of the scale doubles for The Hobbit during a fund-raising event in Wellington. I give YOU two big thumbs up, Mr. Armitage.

And the friends, oh! the wonderful, bright, witty, intelligent, talented, creative, compassionate friends I have made across the world, thanks to that serendipity that brought RA onto my radar.

It’s simply–sublime. Many thanks to Richard Armitage and to  you all for making my life a happier, more beautiful and creative one.

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  1. Beautifully said, as usual, Angie! I’ve been thinking that although RA is part a sort of “fantasy world”, the positive effects of being a fan have had on my life are definitely real. I hope I managed to get my meaning across, I’m rather tired.

    • Thanks, Judit. Yes, I think I know where you are coming from. While Richard certainly provides great escapist opportunities and wonderful fuel for a fantasy life, he also brings us together into a terrific community of people that become part of our everyday lives. Hope you get some rest tonight, darling. Mwaaaaaaah. And I am so thrilled you’ve found a friend who seems to recognize just what a lovely find RA really is. I get excited at the thought of anyone discovering our fella. 😀

  2. I echo Judit’s sentiments. Wonderfully expressed. Back in 2005, I certainly wasn’t looking for someone who would rock my world with his sublime talent, his gracious and thoughtful treatment of others, his stunning looks, and all the rest. For years, I had reason to keep quiet about this, but since that reason is gone, I have been amazed at how Richard has all unknowing spurred my creativity and productivity. He has said something to the effect that if something he has done has caused a bunch of us to get together and have fun, he’s pleased. But “fun” does not even begin to cover the positive effects.

    • He’s what we’d been waiting for, but we had no idea we had been waiting for him. 😉 Yes, he has brought far more than just fun–although he’s brought plenty of that, bless him–into my life and many others, I am sure. He’s invigorating, rejuvenating, inspiring . . .

  3. thank you for the wonderful work you do on your site every day, with creativity and energy. I arrived recently in the fandom and I discovered him by chance, after watching N & S, recommended by a friend of mine in 2011. From that moment I wanted to know more and more about RA. Richard has become a friend. I’m glad I found other people who share my passion for him. Good things happen when you’re not looking. (I hope I have explained it well, sorry for the mistakes).

    • Oh. thank you, Guilia. 😀 Yes, he does become a friend to us, albeit one most of us have never actually met, and yet how can we refer to him as anything less than a friend considering the good things he brings to our lives? It has been said that life is what happens when we are busy making other plans. And that includes the happy accidents along the way—how wonderful that they do occur!

  4. You have nailed this – have you been reading my mind? I love the “thumb’s up” shot. It is the duality of that kind of goofiness inhabiting the same body as the intellectual intensity that I find endlessly intriguing about RA. (body they live in’s not bad either 😉 )

    Incidentally, how much alliteration is too much in fiction?

    • *shhhh. Don’t tell anyone, but mind reading is one of my many talents*

      Exactly. I love the fact this bright, thoughtful, well-read, intense man can also be this geeky, goofy, aw-shucks boy next door, all wrapped up in the same amazingly attractive physical package. I want to sit and talk with him about so many things and pick his brain–and I also want to give him a big ol’ hug and pinch his cheeks and make him blush while I tell him he’s totally adorable LOL

    • Re. alliteration in fiction, see James Thurber having fun with excess in “The 13 Clocks”. (Id love to hear Richard read this one.)

      • Thanks for bringing up that wonderful story example. I was having trouble with my computer for a while and just getting back to things. We used to love using alliteration in our headlines and subheads at the newspaper. Gets the reader’s attention.

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