He’s Just Sublime in Sepia.


Would you not agree, my dears?

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  1. He’s just sooooooo gorgeous and irresitible and yeah…sublime!!…..and I’m a big fan of black and white photos. Still, there is something really weird in the first picture. In this usually so familiar looking face is actually a bit of a strange, to me unbeknown expression, which leaves me somewhat confused…..(2007 promo shot? Have I seen that pic before?? It’s not on RANet.com., isn’t it or did you just reverse it?)
    Oh however, most of all it’s hard to smother this instantly overwhelming urge to touch this man!! Phew!!

    • I reversed it. 😉 It is from that shoot you mentioned, I think for a magazine. It is interesting what simply reversing a photo can do–it’s as if it brings a new perspective on the subject. I love both black and white and sepia photos and I adore the ones with lots of bright colors, too–I just love playing with colors and the various moods and atmospheres you can create through their manipulation. There’s a reason why I made a video to “The Way that I Want to Touch You . . .” 😉

  2. Yes, Angie, he is. He ALWAYS is, even when not at his best in someone’s view, even mine, he still is. Especially when playful or smiling, when projecting a benevolent attitude, especially when appearing as himself in impromptu and fan photos, he is uniquely, inexplicably, marvelously sublime.

    Incidentally, I’m still laughing at that blue kitty cat of yours, the perfect combination of je ne sais quoi.

    I also absolutely loved your black and white vignette of the inclined head and hair of the young woman with the raised hand that you posted when you were feeling down. Another inspired picture that leads my mind in so many directions. You have so many talents. And the poor toe?

    • Richard Armitage is a breed apart, let’s face it. And aren’t we all glad we discovered this amazing, sublime, intelligent, talented, beautiful man?

      I’ve always been considered multi-talented by those close to me (I’ve almost had too many interests at times) but I feel as if so much has been reawakened or re-energized somehow with Richard as catalyst. One creative activity has led to another and another. . .

      The toe has been painful the last couple of days but we had wet, cool weather and that certainly played a part. I wore my cozy slippers to the polling place tonight and voted! LOL It’s supposed to be dry and nice next few days, which should help the toe, the tailbone, the knees and everything else! 😉

  3. Utterly sublime — beyond any superlatives I can extract from my brain after only one cup of coffee. I remain gobsmacked, and yes, he has spurred my creativity in so many ways, just amazing.

    Angie, you are so multi-talented and I love that you share so much with us!

    I’m sorry you’re having to endure the FMS weather effects and the pain, but cozy slippers are good!! I have worn them to the office when necessary, and had to inform people that the work has nothing to do with what’s on my feet. During a war, I was working on a shared military base and officers were told to dress in civvies so they were not targets. One man I knew as a major came to work in jeans with red braces (suspenders) and red Converse (old-fashioned basketball trainers) LOL.

    Here’s hoping you get dry weather and some relief.

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