Looking at Red Carpet Richard


Richard is such a treat to watch on the red carpet. I delight in watching him interact with fans, signing autographs, posing for photos, all those smiles and good-natured exchanges. He really does look as if he enjoys himself.

I’ve been thinking about this tonight in anticipation of all the premieres coming up for The Hobbit (I assume he’ll try to be at the most significant of them, knowing our team player. Ooooh more photos. More interviews! Squee!!) And that includes a royal premiere–whoo-hoo, hittin’ the big time, Rich!!

As far as I am concerned, the man, like fellow Englishman and fabled film star Cary Grant, was made to wear a tuxedo. So classy and elegant and alluring. Of course, we can likely expect him in suits for some of the appearances. (Please, someone who knows how to properly fit a man with Mr. Armitage’s spectacular but NOT off-the-rack physique, step in here. There’s that whole trouser break issue, for example.)

Oh, Richard, I get butterflies in my stomach when I think of all that is to come in the next few months for you as this climeractic year continues. Go out there and wow ’em on the red carpet the way I know you are going to dazzle millions when they see you on the screen!


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    • He really can. I never tire of looking at him period, but RA in a tux is supercalifragilisticexpialidociously yummy. 😉 The last one is one of my very, very favorite candid RA shots. Don’t you think that’s a moment that little girl will treasure forever? *sigh*

  1. I really hope The Hobbit people are going to hire him a decent stylist who knows his/her stuff! I’m a little cross as only red crosses are showing up where the pictures should be! 😦 It happens often when I access the blog from our site office. Probably a warning that I should be working instead of ogling Richard.

    • Oh Judit, that’s tragic the gremlins are at work!! Hey I’m free to dress the lovely one for the big day and I’ll already be there so no problem at all!

      I can dream can’t I? ROFL

    • I would hope that the really stellar designers are eagerly competing to dress him. That body is an elegant dream come true. I know I would be hunting for the perfect fabrics, with exquisite hand and drape, and the best notions for construction and finishing. I’d cut the trousers the way Armani does, with the inseam shifted forward and the drape off the behind just perfect. The jacket should be neither too snug nor boxy, but compliment his slender, long-waisted figure, and be so comfortable that he forgets he’s wearing it.

            • Thanks. For his shirt, I was thinking long-staple Egyptian cotton, soft yet with a crisp hand, and it breathes but doesn’t set wrinkles. The collar could be hand-set to lie perfectly, maybe a few perfect pintucks down the front but nothing fussy, a yoke cut on the bias so it moves with his shoulders and deltoids, and cuffs that show just the right amount below his jacket sleeve with enough ease so that they don’t bind on his watch. I thought about Swiss-made handkerchief linen, which would be cool under the hot lights, but it has an unfortunate tendency to wrinkle. The tie should be good silk, hand-tied of course.

              • Leigh, I wish YOU would dress him! We should find out whether or not he already has a stylist and if not, you should apply for the job!!!

  2. Even I am eagerly waiting to see him on the red carpet, I expect avalanches of photos. “So classy and elegant and alluring”, with the tuxedo he is a dream. what time is the premiere on Wellington?

      • Imagine him looking like that, then rising from the chair slowly, stretching languidly, then standing, legs apart–and giving us some of those Cats thigh twitches as light glimmers in his heavy-lidded eyes, his mouth curling into a distinctly feline smile . . .

        • *fans herself* I don’t think I could resist stroking that hair, even though it’s not Richard’s. It’s Thorin’s, that’s enough for me!

          • I look at it this way. As Jane pointed at at Serv’s blog, Thorin’s hair is actually human, Richard is human, it’s attached to him, ergo it’s Richard’s hair and Richard IS, of course, Thorin, so—-I’d be stroking Thorin’s wonderful tresses and there you go!

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