Thorin was in my mailbox. Yippeeeeeeeeeee!


Thorin. Oh, Thorin. Monday night my husband presented a package for me from Jolly Olde England. My eyes lit up. It felt just the right shape and size and weight  to be–“Yes! It must be my magazine with Thorin!!”

Yes, my own personal copy, purchased from a London newsstand and sent to me by one of my lovely RA friends. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

The photo really doesn’t do it justice. It’s just breathtaking in person. Thorin and those soulful eyes leaping out at you from  this cover. *sigh*

And I received notice that two more of my Hobbit books, the visual guide and movie companion, should arrive via the USPS tomorrow (well, today). The mail is really fun of late. 😀

Anyway, this all put me in a Thorin mood, and so here’s some more fan art fun, including a version of a new behind-the-scene photo Servetus had on her blog.

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    • Oh, he’s a sexy dwarf, yes, he’s a sexy dwarf, different from the dwarfs I’ve known before . . . LOL Alluring is a perfect description of Thorin as created by Richard.

  1. You, lucky lady! I did something very masochistic, instead. I booked my copy at the kiosk, because I like entering the shop every day and ask if the issue has arrived. Waiting is such a thrilling experience 😀

    • I truly have kind friends around the world. 😀 I like your plan, heightening the anticipation, so to speak. It seems as if we have something to look forward to nearly every day as it is. And yet there is never enough! I do find that I am not growing tired at all of looking at Thorin (any more than looking at Mr. Armitage and any of his other characters).

      • Here in London, the momentum is starting to gather. When I went to see Skyfall on its opening night they showed the Hobbit trailer: Thorin’s voice booming around the theatre – OMG – I gripped Husband’s leg so hard he shot 6″ out of his seat! The trailers/adverts have started on the television and radio; soon adverts will start to appear on the sides of buses and on billboards. There has been a huge amount of hype for Skyfall with enaaawwwrmous posters of Daniel Craig everywhere you look (no complaints here!) so just imagine what will happen for the Hobbit – Royal Premier ‘n’ all… Oh yeah.

        • Oh, I bet it is amazing there—seeing all the buses and billboards and the beautiful Thorin everywhere will be so exciting!! I knew hearing Thorin’s voice had to be an electrifying moment for you, darling. I got an email today that Skyfall tickets are now on sale here and of course, Hobbit tickets are available for pre-order tomorrow! Yippee!

          Oh, a royal premiere. Richard in a tux. *squee* *thud* *sigh^

        • I’m a little envious wydville…I was in London bang in the middle of the Skyfall hype late last month and I have to admit towards the end of my stay I was really getting sick and tired of seeing Daniel Craig absolutely EVERYWHERE (I’m so not into Bond or DC, sorry)..

          • Ha ha! I’ve almost crashed my car on numerous occasions! There is one stretch of motorway which goes past the west London Westfield where there is a banner spanning all three lanes: Craig full length on the ground, torso raised slightly, shooting a gun. All I can say is just as well there weren’t any other cars nearby…

            Next time you’re over, let me know?

  2. The November issue of the French “Premiere” magazine has a section devoted to the Hobbit. I’ll try to buy it tomorrow and I am very curious to know their point of view about the film and Thorin/RA.
    The new photo of behind-the-scene is stunning. He is soooo beautiful !!!!!

  3. It looks glorious, Angie! Looking forward to holding and seeing in person.
    Waiting patiently for mine … ok, maybe not so patiently. LOL
    I got notifications from Amazon that my Hobbit books will be here today, too! Yippee!!! My reward for being a good girl and voting. 😉

  4. I have visited our biggest local bookstore several times to see if the magazine has arrived. Didn’t ask them when it would arrive as I also wanted to heighten the anticipation. I went there also today after work and – I couldn’t believe my eys – there it was! And on top of the pile on the stand!

    OMG! I was so out of breath and wanted to kiss the picture. I just couldn’t contain myself. You’re quite right, Angie! The photo certainly doesn’t do justice to the real cover. It’s really something else to see it for real – and to touch and feel it.

    This the very first mag I’ve ever had with Richard on the cover. And what a cover!!

    I’m also planning to buy the two books you mentioned, Angie Oh, this is getting so bad, but I wouldn’t have it in any other way.

    BTW, I just read that some of the biggest cinemas here in Finland will start selling the Hobbit tickets on Nov. 24 at 8.00am and two hours later on the net. Plus, the fans will have a possibility to queue for the tickets althrough the previous night and buy them then. It could be that I will have to forget about the premier 😉 I’ve also heard rumours that they will invest on the new 48fps technology just because of The Hobbit film. But there is nothing official on that yet. We’ll wait and see.

    • Yes, this is the first magazine I have owned with RA on the cover, too–what a way to start!! It is amazing to see it in person. And when I was alone, I DID kiss it. *blushes*

      It’s getting really exciting, isn’t it?? *squee* I am not sure if I will see it the premiere night or a few days later. Of course, I WANT to see it as soon as possible. Like right now!! LOL

      • I have kissed the picture many times when I’m alone 😉 Couldn’t do that in the store, though.

        The cashier asked me if I had the store bonus card – or at least I thought she did, as I couldn’t understand a word she was saying. I was just trying to concentrate on how to contain myself. When I showed her the card, that seemed to be the right thing to do 😉

  5. I’m so pleased your Thorin mag arrived Angie! It IS rather spectacular isn’t it? It’s his first cover but I really, really hope it won’t be his last!!!

    • Oh, I am quite sure if won’t be his last. Hugh Jackman was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly for Les Miserables (or, as Benny said, the staff of Greenville Motor Company LOL) and something in his expression made me think of RA . . .

      • I’m looking forward to seeing Hugh in Les Misérables but I’m not sure about the casting of Russell Crowe as the baddie…Maybe he’ll convince me but I’m a bit sceptical.

        • I haven’t read the article yet, just skimmed through the photos, and Hugh very much looks the part of Valjean. But I have to confess Crowe would not have been the first actor to pop into my mind to play Inspector Javert. I guess we shall see.

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