The Ultimate Nonesuch of a Celeb Crush: TAE Word for the Day


Nonesuch (noun): a person or thing without an equal; a person or thing declared as perfect or excellent.

From the Old English nan,  from ne (not) + swelce/swylce. Earliest documented use: 290.

If I were trying to create my very own Perfect Celebrity Crush from scratch, what would I include in the mix?

Stunning good looks, fab physique and sex appeal to spare?


Talent–multi-faceted, versatile, amazing–to spare?



A dedication to his craft that brings such intensity to his performances?



Intelligent, articulate and insightful, a pleasure to see/hear/read in interviews?



A wonderful sense of humor?



An endearing  boy-next-door vibe, gentlemanly, polite, modest, humble, well-grounded and generous of spirit?


A celeb who truly appreciates his fans and treats them well?

courtesy of awkwardcelebencounteres


And that, ladies and gents, are some of the reasons Richard Armitage is my choice of the absolute nonesuch of a celebrity crush.

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    • To borrow from the old Mary Tyler Moore theme song with a change of sex, “He can turn the world on with a smile.” I can remember going back to my father-in-law’s house after seeing Mama in the hospital in her last days, my sisters still keeping vigil, and feeling so–exhausted. And sad. And I would flip open my laptop to look at him or put in an audio CD and listen to him. And it made things better.

      • It is certainly a gift – I’m not totally sure he comprehends how much good he actually does. The prurience is certainly all in fun and I’m all for it, but for some reason (all that you mention above and then some) that I’ve yet to define, this man that I’ve never met, and I imagine never will has the ability to make me feel better just by doing what he does. I’m not exactly sure what that says about me or about him, but I’m glad he’s out there 🙂 So maudlin today – must be all the gray weather.

        • I don’t think he quite understands the enormity of his effect on us–oh, he knows we shamelessly ogle him and consider him a hottie, we enjoy the intensity and detail in his performances, and that many of us have been inspired to write, vid, create art and so forth after watching his characters. But I don’t think he realizes the degree to which even little doses of Armitage can really improve our days; the fact there is something beyond good looks and talent that touch us, something a bit less tangible but no less real, that has an impact on our hearts, minds and souls. I have said there is something very nearly magical about him; that fey, otherworldly quality he possesses that attracts us, intrigues and captivates us. And I am so very glad he exists on this earth the same time that I do.

          And now it is quite difficult for me to imagine life without Richard Armitage and his fans in it. 😀

            • Thanks. I hope I can get the post I have been laboring over to actually post. For some reason I am having problems with the internet. When I try to save preview posts or manually save drafts, it doesn’t work. At least the draft is intact, but I can’t get it to publish. I restarted the computer but it is still balking.

              • I don’t think it’s your computer. Mine’s fine, but WordPress has been being obtuse, not allowing me to post comments or replies to some posts.

              • it let me finally save a draft manually, so maybe things are improving. It’s weird when the email works fine and there’s no indication of a connection problem, yet it still glitches like crazy.

              • Agreed. And I’m really coming to detest that goat, which appears when some sites are not cooperating, e.g., LJ where my daughter has me post to prove that I’m still alive. What “proof of life” can I produce if the blasted goat eats it?

          • Obscura, I’m sorry you were feeling down! Hope your day got better!!! I lost count of the times when I felt really lost&sad and just the thought that RA exists cheered me up no end. He’s blessed with something very special, this one.

            • In an enlightened world, Richarding might be prescribed to treat a number of conditions, with the knowledge that this is more effective than many pharmaceuticals.

              • Alternative medicine…I like it 🙂 (Think my health insurance policy will pay for my Hobbit tix?)

            • Thanks Judit – I’m really fine. I love fall when the leaves are changing colors and everything is so vivid, but right now, with the leaves gone, no snow (I can do without the snow for a while mind) and constantly overcast skies, I’m just blah. Couple that with roughly 180 rough drafts and assorted other work and home mania = blah squared. Oh, and I am looking forward to making 300 pizzas with 20 kids ranging in age from 4-12 (that is actually fun when you just give up on trying to keep everything on the table and let them go 🙂 ) Will do a little RA surfing to find an even keel.

              • That is the craziness that ensues as soon as I walk in the door. My husband says everything is calm until I come home at which time everyone NEEDS something. Some days I’d just as soon turn around and go back to work 🙂

              • No – that’s the kicker! I have two kids, well three if you count my oldest (he’s 43). I’m the only one working right now, so I’m gone a lot and everyone goes berserk when I come home. I suppose I should be gratified by it, by sometimes after at 14 hour day, even Mom needs to go lay all the way down for a minute 🙂

              • My daughter is an only child, but that just meant everyone came to play and eat at our house.

  1. Richard is too modest to fully understand all of the reasons behind our obsession! I know that before the doctors had diagnosed and correctly medicated me (after several years and 3 doctors), I would come home and immerse myself in RA videos. It’s what helped me to keep from going crazy and completely depressed! I would think, “how in the world am I going to be able to do this job and live my life when I feel this way, and why can’t the doctors get it right!” All the time having crying jags and sitting like a lump and wanting to quit on life. But then I would watch and read about this sweetie from the UK and somehow make it to the next day! I know that many of us have similar tales! He really is amazing!

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