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Guyday Friday Flashback: Meet Glamour Guy


This is an edited version of a review I wrote for Ep 5 of Series 3 of Robin Hood, originally posted at my Live Journal blog and enhanced here by some artwork and GIFs from that same episode. All hail Glamour Guy as Guyday Friday continues . . .

Robin made the announcement: “He’s back.” And oh, my heavens, he certainly is.

Guy of Gisborne, of late in the hands of Prince John, returned to Nottingham after two episodes – two entertaining episodes, albeit, but
definitely missing something essential to this viewer – and I wanted to scream for joy.

I admit I was quite awestruck by Guy’s sheer beauty. Surely it is illegal for one man to be that attractive?

Indeed, PJ (who looks quite the dandy himself, judging from the publicity stills and previews) must have sent Guy to the royal spa, providing him with a good bath, a shampoo and deep conditioning treatment for his tangled mane, followed by a pristine new suit of clothes.

Mind you, I thought he was gorgeous, all dirty and greasy-haired and mad-eyed. Such is the splendiferousness of the actor named Richard

But after that long, dry spell, to see my darling Guy sleek and well turned out once more, what a treat!

To gaze upon that sexy smirk, that commanding look and see a cool and confident Gisborne (if only for a short while, until the writers had him foiled by Robin once again. Sigh. Well, the show is actually “Robin Hood” and not “Guy of Gisborne: Team Leather Forever,” more’s the pity).

Back to Guy’s hair (I am a bit obsessed with it at the moment, can you tell?). Guy could have starred in the medieval version of a Pantene shampoo commercial with that lustrous, dark mane (such an exquisite frame for those strong masculine features), rumbling those words, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” in that rich, chocolate voice of his.

Oh, I don’t hate you because you’re beautiful. I have to wipe the drool forming on my chin, fan myself a bit; rub my eyes to make sure I’m not imagining a mere mortal could look that scrumptious.

But I certainly do not hate you.

As for the rest of the show (there was someone on-screen other than Guy? Oh, right, there was), that poor, sad old lion was a bit ridiculous. I was quite hoping Robin would decide to show his bravado and stick his head in the lion’s mouth, with Leo biting it off (assuming he still had any teeth), but no such luck. (Sorry, any Robin fans out there; you must understand I am Gizzy’s girl through and through.)

Of course, poor Guy gets thwarted yet again–why would I expect anything different?–and has to return to Nottingham Castle with his ego somewhat wounded but his glorious mane perfectly intact. I swear, it’s hard to say which is the most beautiful proud stallion outside the castle gate, Guy or the horse.

Izzie (the sister we never knew existed) is quite beautiful and indeed, her mane of dark hair, light eyes and lovely bone structure remind one of Guy.  I do think Isabella is going to  be a real thorn in big brother’s side, between outrageous flirting with PJ and her obvious interest in Arrow Boy. I must say Robin certainly seems to be over Maz, not that he hasn’t been since the end of the first episode.
Do I sound  catty?
Well, meow.

Glad Little John got some more screen time; sorry it was his chesticles and not Guy’s we got to glimpse. We haven’t even had a tiny bit of Allan’s bare chest this season, yet everyone else seems to be doffing their shirt. Writers, writers . . . . remember, it isn’t only children who are watching.

Methinks Vasey is feeling the heat. He is sounding quite like the Red Queen screaming “off with their heads” as he tries to convince everyone he is still the man in charge. Vasey seemed shocked and rather glad to see Guy back – don’t you know he quite missed having him to berate?

Really looking forward to Toby Stephens as Prince John in next week’s ep. I suspect the talented and toothsome Mr. Stephens will provide us
with a deliciously evil PJ . . .

*author’s note: Oh, if I had only known just how treacherous that bunny boiler sister would prove to be . . .  my poor Guy!*

Guyday Friday: Makes Me Wanna Purrrrrrrrrrr . . .


We’ve our first frost warning of the season overnight. The faucets have been left dripping just in case and all the plants are inside, including the catnip. Thumper Cat LIKES catnip. Good thing our three-legged can’t easily access it.  When she smells that scent, her pupils get very big, her purr grows loud and she gets downright frisky, trying to nip you in her enthusiasm to taste it . . .

Funny. Guy has sort of the same effect on me. Maybe he’s a sort of catnip for we who admire the Hot Velveteen Henchman?