Guyday Friday: Makes Me Wanna Purrrrrrrrrrr . . .


We’ve our first frost warning of the season overnight. The faucets have been left dripping just in case and all the plants are inside, including the catnip. Thumper Cat LIKES catnip. Good thing our three-legged can’t easily access it.  When she smells that scent, her pupils get very big, her purr grows loud and she gets downright frisky, trying to nip you in her enthusiasm to taste it . . .

Funny. Guy has sort of the same effect on me. Maybe he’s a sort of catnip for we who admire the Hot Velveteen Henchman?

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  1. Happy Guyday Friday, Angie! Oh, yes, Guy is definitely my catnip. He has me purring and drooling, decidedly frisky. He makes me want to lick and nibble. Yes, I think he would enjoy those “bad things” we want to do with and to him; that’s a smirk beneath the gag, you know.

    • Happy Guyday Friday to you, too! Oh, I am well aware our favorite henchman is sporting a devilishly sexy smirk under that gag to go with the look in those eyes . . . mmmmmmm.

  2. Happy Guyday to you too Angie! 😀 My goodness that last picture!! Did you see those eyes???? Bad things you said? That’s putting it mildly… 😉 *her mind goes straight into the naughty corner…*

  3. Cor what gorgeous pictures. I’m already in the naughty corner lol thinking such bad things **sigh – thud** Happy Guyday Friday everyone.

  4. Happy Guyday Friday Angie! I’m laughing, Sir Guy as our catnip I never thought about it, but you’re right, he does the same effect on us…

    • I’ve always gotten so amused over my cats’ response to fresh catnip (although not all cats actually react to it in such a dramatic way) but honestly, I have realized my response to Guy isn’t all that much different. So I must laugh at myself. 😉

      • We went out for the day once and came back to find and empty bag of catnip (had been unopened) and two cats sitting in the chair looking totally stoned – I wish I could have seen what went on before they got to that point 🙂

        • LOL! It does make you wish you’d had a couple of surveillance cams set up. Thumper just had one leaf of catnip and after her initial moments of frisky bliss, she quickly settled down into a blissed-out stupor for a while. in the past, we’d had bags of dried catnip filled toys that had gotten torn into and found the cats looking pretty darned mellow. 😉 We used to keep a peacock feather we’d bought at a cat show in the hall closet and our late, lamented Smokey would sit outside the door meowing for us to open it. She LOVED that peacock feather. 😉

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