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Cerebral. Enigmatic. Loyal. Dedicated. Dangerous. Haunted. Beautiful. Cat-like. Sexy as hell . . . and So Not Dead.  Let’s celebrate Luscious Lucas, shall we?

Here’s Lucas North: Sexy Spyman (A gratuitous Lucas North video) set to the classic Peter Gunn theme:

One of my early Lucas vids, set to Goldfrapp’s seductive “Oh-la-la”—“Oh child of Venus, you’re just made for love . . .”

Fedoralady is in the mood . . .


The holiday mood, that is. (Oh, I know what you were thinking . . . maybe I’m in the mood for that, too.  You never know . . .)

I am currently watching the Hallmark Channel, which has already starting running their Christmas movies in marathons on the weekends. The movies tend to provide cuteness overload and  be a bit sappy and schmaltzy, but what can I say–I am in a sappy, schmaltzy mood.

In a festive mood.

I want to don a Santa hat and my red high-top Reeboks with the green glitter shoelaces and jingle bells (yes, I do own a pair) and go Christmas caroling.

courtesy of riverbender.com

Look up my mama’s recipe for fruitcake cookies so I can make the house smell deliciously spicy.  Watch my favorite version of “A Christmas Carol” with the amazing Alistair Sim as Scrooge.

For an unemployed lady with a busted toe and a house that needs serious attention, I am in a positively euphoric mood.  And I attribute a lot of this to a certain vertically challenged hairy dude and to the man who brought him to life. I am looking so forward to the holidays this year, and to the Christmas present that will arrive in mid-December . . .

I guess you could say that—