Fedoralady is in the mood . . .


The holiday mood, that is. (Oh, I know what you were thinking . . . maybe I’m in the mood for that, too.  You never know . . .)

I am currently watching the Hallmark Channel, which has already starting running their Christmas movies in marathons on the weekends. The movies tend to provide cuteness overload and  be a bit sappy and schmaltzy, but what can I say–I am in a sappy, schmaltzy mood.

In a festive mood.

I want to don a Santa hat and my red high-top Reeboks with the green glitter shoelaces and jingle bells (yes, I do own a pair) and go Christmas caroling.

courtesy of riverbender.com

Look up my mama’s recipe for fruitcake cookies so I can make the house smell deliciously spicy.  Watch my favorite version of “A Christmas Carol” with the amazing Alistair Sim as Scrooge.

For an unemployed lady with a busted toe and a house that needs serious attention, I am in a positively euphoric mood.  And I attribute a lot of this to a certain vertically challenged hairy dude and to the man who brought him to life. I am looking so forward to the holidays this year, and to the Christmas present that will arrive in mid-December . . .

I guess you could say that—

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  1. And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. You are going to be a bundle of excitement when December gets here. Love your version of los tres reyes and the Christmas kitty.

    • I know!! That is what I was thinking earlier. I am always complaining about these retailers rushing into the Christmas season–some of the department stores here are opening at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving Day to give shoppers a chance to bag their Black Friday deals early. And here I am humming Christmas songs and putting virtual Santa hats on everyone. (I’ve got an adorable one of Thumper. but I will save that one for closer to Christmas . . .)

      Benny said something tonight about the world coming to an end in six weeks according to the Mayan calendar (some show he was watching) and I replied, “Well, thank goodness it’s after the premiere of The Hobbit, because I would REALLY be pissed off if I missed that . . . I’ve been waiting for this for TWO years . . .” Of course, he laughed. And then I paused and sighed and mumbled, “And I am not entirely joking about that.”

      The three kings–and think about it, Thorin is an uncrowned king and the boys are his heirs-apparent, so—just begged to be given the holiday treatment. And I do love a Christmas kitty . . . 😉

  2. TAE’s first Christmas…aahh, the possibilities! Is that the creative wheels in your head that I can hear cranking up all the way down under!! 😀

  3. It can really be a challenge to keep the holiday season in perspective can’t it. I remember fondly childhood holidays, but it now seems to come and go in an instant – I am really working to make it meaningful for all the right reasons for me and mine. It’s funny you should post this today – it is my unofficial start date too. I lead the K-6th grade youth group at church and we are making pizzas today which we sell to raise funds to adopt a family in need (or families) for Christmas. Kids have a great time (adults too) and it teaches them a valuable lesson on giving joyfully 🙂

        • We’ve been doing it for over 10 years now – it’s become a sign of the season tradition for us – pizzas are so good people forget all the little fingers that handled them 🙂 We generally net between $700-800, and the Salvation Army coordinates the list of families in need (they coordinate with other agencies to establish the basis of need and make sure nobody is “double dipping” at the expense of someone else. I found out last year (when I waited too long to call them for a family) that any un-adopted families are put into the Toys for Tots hopper so that the kids at least get something. It’s a great way to give back even if you only have a little to give. 🙂 Imagine the joy on some kid’s face when they open their very own little Thorin! Cheers!

          • I have always said that individually, we may not feel we have a lot to give–but collectively, we can do so much good, when we pool our time, resources, and talents. Having a good agency in charge of everything to make sure things remain fair and above-board is important. Here, our Department of Human Resources works with clubs, churches and schools to help meet the needs of less-privileged families in the county. The Kiwanis Club invites some of them to their Christmas luncheon each December, with Santa making an appearance and Christmas presents being passed out for local elves (Key Club members for the local schools) for the children. Allan, a local govt. official/pastor/photographer (a very busy man) played Santa and was just marvelous. I think of how he would sweat beneath the heavy suit and full beard on one of those mild south Alabama December days and I think of Richard and the other dwarves.

            • I am determined to instill a charitable spirit in my children. We are definitely not rich, but they need to understand (and I think that they do usually) that they have so much more than so many others around them. I think you’re right – it’s the collectivism and the willingness to give not only money but time and talents where we can really make a difference. It makes smelling like a pizzeria for 3 days all worthwhile 😉

              • I don’t know about other parts of the world, but there does seem to be a tendency toward greedy here in the US. My defining moment was years ago when my son was a baby. We were at my SIL’s for X-mas and there was this ENORMOUS pile of gifts under the tree. The older kids came down and ripped into it. I remember sitting there, horrified, as they’d each open a gift and literally toss it over their shoulders to get to the next one. My kids certainly don’t go without anything, but I have never forgotten that day.

              • I have seen the same thing happen in my own extended family. “What ELSE did I get?” “Is that EVERYTHING?” It’s very troubling. There doesn’t seem to be the real joy and excitement of something long awaited and eagerly anticipated. Probably because they already have too much stuff as it is, and Christmas just isn’t as big a deal because of that.

                I like to give gifts such as books, games and art supplies to my more artistic-minded nieces and nephews, things that encourage imagination and creativity.

              • Yep, that’s it exactly. The other thing I find so troubling is the co-opting of an ancient religious holiday for commerical purposes. I am not uber religious, but there is a sanctity to Christmas (and to Hannukah, although I don’t know personally if the commericalism is as rampant here) that has gotten lost in the rush to shop. It saddens me to see so many who have lost the message behind it. Even if you are not a practicing Christian, the message of giving and reciprocity is still valid isn’t it?

                We have a double whammy in that my family is Dutch (the whole immediate area was heavily settled by Germans and Dutch) and we also do St. Nick’s day on Decemeber 5 or is the 7th – I can never remember. AHHH – it never ends! Hence all of the charitible stuff. “You kids will learn to give if it kills me” she says sounding just like her mother did 30 years ago 🙂

              • My personal belief is that no matter what your religion or lack thereof may be, the message of unconditional love, being generous of heart and sharing with those less fortunate, and having treasured moments with family and friends, making merry together, giving with a cheerful heart, is something from which we can all benefit.

                And it sounds like your mom got her message across, my dear! 😀

              • I remember when I was an au-pair and one of the kids I was looking after had a birthday party… afterwards, the living room floor was practically covered with presents. Things he didn’t really need or want. I was mortified. Plus all that wrapping paper going to waste! *shudders* A colleague of mine told me that he was in Dubai around Christmas last year and all the shopping malls were decorated the same way as in the UK! Proof that Christmas has completely lost all religious meaning and is exploited for commercial gain everywhere in the world. In Hungary, Christmas seems to start earlier every year! This year they put up the Christmas tree in the local shopping mall on the 5th November! So that means the tree is up for 2 months, because they don’t take it down until early January!

              • Benny said Wal-Mart had some of their Christmas stuff out several weeks ago–however, it is in the Lawn and Garden Center, so it is at least set off to one side instead of smacking you in the face when you walk in the front doors. However, now that Thanksgiving is approaching, I am sure the Christmas songs are playing through the Muzak system and decorations can be sighted all around.

                I worked in retail for several years earlier in our marriage, and I have to admit, by the time Christmas actually arrived, I was feeling pretty exhausted from dealing with slightly crazy and maddening procrastinating customers and, Christmas elf though I was, I was just a little burned out. Didn’t keep me from putting teeny Santa hats and jolly little reindeer antlers on Mary Ann and Ginger and taking their photos. I swear, I didn’t make them suffer long. I do think the photo editing route is a much better way to go, but hey, this was the nineties. Practically the time of the dinosaurs 😉

    • Oh, it definitely came be a challenge. There’s the continued pressures of work and home duties, all the flurry of holiday activity, the endless commercials hyping the stuff you MUST buy, etc. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hoopla and forget what’s really important–making special memories for family and friend and yes, teaching good life lessons.

      I think what you are doing is a lovely hands-on way to get kids involved in a truly worthy cause. Please let us know how everything goes.

      I remember thinking Christmas would NEVER get here, and now time flies way, way too fast. However, this year it seems as if it will never get here–it’s as if I am reliving my childhood in a way. All thanks to Thorin and Mr. A!! 😀

    • Many moons ago I worked at Victoria’s Secret…nothing says holiday spirit like two grown men fighting over the last Santa thong on Christmas Eve!

      • Oh, lordie LOL I worked in fine jewelry, and I remember the men showing up 10 minutes before we were supposed to close on Christmas Eve, that deer-lost-in-the-headlights look in their eyes, and you could sell them just about anything as they didn’t have a clue. And then of course it was returned, because–they didn’t have a clue.

        • Yep..men are even more clueless about underwear in general. Every holiday we’d sell out of fancy thongs and teddies, etc. Every post holiday season we’d do exhanges for cotton panties 🙂

        • Why don’t they get it? Is it congenital? They can’t seem to remember or deal with your request, even if it is unequivocal, specific, and even blunt? One year, all I asked was that he take a day off, spend it with me, and take me out for a nice dinner, but he could not even manage that.

          • That is a question for the ages! This is what I get EVERDAY! “Just tell me what you need me to do” OK, no problem – result? You guessed it-nothing! It doesn’t seem to matter how much time you spend telling them (I’m 14 years into training two) At least we don’t have to put up with this with RA (but you can bet women around him do-he is after all, just a bloke 🙂 )

            • I hope that the training is successful, but then you will need to publish a how-to book. If RA were an exception, he’d be even more amazing than he already is. The man cleans his own house(!!), makes his own breakfast (at the ungodly hour that actors have to be up), drives his own car, buys his books, and presumably makes his own appointments. All this + drop-dead gorgeous + good manners + dedicated professional + modest + a “naughty side” AND listening properly? That’s not “just a bloke”, but one of those deities going walkabout in mortal guise.

              • As I know that no one is perfect, not even Richard Armitage, I’m going to assume he squeezes the toothpaste in the middle, leaves the seat up or some other heinous character flaw 😉

              • “Richie, you left the seat up again and I almost fell in . . . and now I have a bruise back there. I think you need to kiss it and make it better. NOW.” LOL Sometimes you have to be creative.

              • Touche! LOL. That is definitely much sexier than spritzing him with cold water as he sleeps. (I told him it was toilet water, but that’s just too gross-I sleep in that bed too 🙂 )

              • Oh, I definitely would have just gone with tap water, too– 😉 I remember students who were startled to hear “eau de toilette” meant toilet water. Had to explain it didn’t quite mean what they thought. 😉

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