Sunday Smorgasbord: From Dwarven King to Criminal Charmer







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  1. Ooooh… That picture of my sweetie John… ❤ He makes me melt every single time, I just want to cuddle up with him in front of the fire… Love him!

  2. I was so excited to find “Moving On” on Amazon OnDemand this weekend – I FINALLY got to watch the whole thing! Bad, Bad John Mulligan!

    • Hooray! John Mulligan is one of favorite characters, I have to admit, even though I know he’s a very bad dude. Richard gives us another marvelous performance. And the shallow part of me just loves his heavy stubble, the nape curls and all those smiles . . . you can see why Ellie would succumb.

      • Absolutely…he is so seductive…the surrender flag through the mail slot? Priceless – how’s a girl supposed to resist an all out charm offensive? Although, I have to admit – the costuming is not so good to him on this one. For a rich drug lord, he sure had some badly fitted clothes 🙂

        • Oh, yes, charm to spare, that one. We’ve wondered about the wardrobe–were some of the clothing choices supposed to indicate that not-quite-right aspect of him? That the boy from the wrong side of the tracks doesn’t quite know how to dress the part of the successful businessman he wants to appear to be? He’s an interesting character, one of those I would like to ask Richard some questions about–how he fleshed out his backstory and also what sort of future he saw for Mulligan.

          I did like the black shirt he wore the night they went to dinner. And the fork porn. And those LOOKS. As if he was the big bad wolf and she was Red Riding Hood . . . why do I think it would be fun to be devoured by Mr. Mulligan?

          • Perhaps he does. 😉 This could either be (A) an indication he indeed doesn’t have much fashion sense or (B) he is artfully choosing the wardrobe he believes Mulligan would pick as part of getting into the character.

            • I imagine some of it comes down to production budget too. Didn’t RA admit in an interview that he had lost whatever fashion sense he might ever have had?

              • Yeah, that was an afternoon show, I doubt they had the same budget as Spooks. And yes, he did say that about his fashion sense, bless him. 😉

              • I can imagine they didn’t have much of a costume budget, so maybe they bought the clothes at a charity shop and figured they can get away with it because the audience (erm mainly ladies) would be way too distracted by the Richard’s mesmerizing eyes!! I know I was! I did notice something wasn’t quite right with his clothes (did the tie clash with his shirt? something like that) in his 1st scene but then I got completely lost in his eyes and forgot about the clothing altogether.

              • Something tells me Mulligan had that effect on lots of ladies and thus was able to be “successful” with them in spite of his dodgy wardrobe choices. Yeah, there were some odd clothing combinations. Things I could never see my spouse choosing, for example. He’s never seen Moving On, we should watch it sometime so I can see his reaction to Mulligan’s wardrobe. 😉

            • I think in the case of Mulligan what we’re seeing is the Method actor at work, choosing clothes that Mulligan would have thought looked sharp, but actually don’t fit well and look tacky. I can just see the kind of store where Mulligan would shop, thinking he’s the hottest, flashiest, etc.

              • Not sure, but when budget was an issue on a U.S. contemporary program, the actors were allowed to drag in whatever they found ready-to-wear, rather than budgeting for a costuming and tailoring staff.

              • Slightly off-topic, but the famed silent screen actress Lillian Gish wrote a fascinating autobiography about the early days of cinema. The actors had to supply their own wardrobes, do their own stunts (which could be very dangerous, of course) and if they needed a baby for the day’s shoot, a crew member would simply visit the nearest orphanage and borrow one. Rather different from today. Once, director DW Griffith actually told them to take back the baby of the day and get another one. “This one looks ancient!” LOL

                Apparently the primitive quality of the film stock of that day was harsher on one’s looks than today’s HD is. One reason they had to wear so much makeup–the really stark white faces and heavily lined eyes and dark lips–was to make the actors’ faces show up as something more than a blur onscreen due to the lack of sensitivity of the film. Got to unearth that book and re-read it some day.

              • That would make sense. After the “fork porn” I didn’t really care, but man that knit vest was bad news!

              • 😀 You might have right, Leigh!
                PS: I was thinking too that his body is far from average size (God bless him!:)) plus he constantly looses and gaining on the weight.. which may complicate whole situation;)

              • Yeah, as I have said, he’s not really an off-the-rack ready to dress kind of guy, with his height, breadth of shoulders and own unique and wonderful proportions. 😉

              • It is unusual for a man to have a waist measurement smaller than his inseam, which my eye says that Richard does, combined with a beautifully developed backside and thighs . It’s also unusual for a man who is not a career athlete or martial artist to have such a well-developed chest and shoulders, yet a slender but muscular torso. In my experience, clothes shopping with someone like that is a form of agony. You end up with yoga pants and tee shirts, or scrubs, or you have to go to a tailor and a haberdasher. Even getting a flight suit to fit someone like that means tailoring.

              • I remember when Benny was younger we had to look for the European cut for his dress shirts. He had broad shoulders and a long but good-xized neck, but his waist was quite trim. Regular shirts that fit his neck bagged on around his middle. It could be a pain finding what he wanted. And he didn’t have all the other fit issues.

              • I think Richard does put time and attention into his footwear. Most people with dance training do, because they know how important it is. to take care of their feet. We have seen Richard barefoot and those feet are are gorgeous, not mangled and beat up, the way feet get when you don’t treat them well.

              • Yes, remarkably, even the man’s feet are truly attractive, and how often does that happen?? I have never particularly been into feet, and yet I find myself wanting to give his a good massage and wondering if he is a wee bit ticklish. Serv has commented on how much she likes his choices in footwear. I am also imagining it isn’t always easy to find his size.

              • I think you’re right. That is why I’m guessing that he goes for the high end of the range, not only for quality and style, but to get shoes that actually fit him. I know of only two American manufacturers that make what I’m guessing to be his size. I would not be surprised to find he has a last on file at Lobb. (You have only to look at his feet if you think the man hasn’t any “fashion sense.” I just think he has priorities about where he puts it.)

              • My sister has narrow feet and has always had a hard time finding shoes that fit properly without spending bigger bucks to do it. I’ve always had a hard time fitting my own feet–supposedly classic German feet, or so I was told by a footwear specialist–wide through the front but narrow through the sole and with a few other oddities. I have found certain footwear manufacturers who work better for me than others. I think Richard is sweetly downplaying his own taste once again; I think you are right, he simply has priorities. I think he’s someone who does appreciate quality and comfort and invests in wardrobe items he feels he will get his money’s worth from. And let’s face it, if your feet hurt, everything hurts.

  3. OMG. Where was I on Nov 12, 2012 that I did not see your post???? (Busy posting on me+r for the first time, actually). Forgive me for digging up this prehistoric post. It just popped up in an image search I was doing – and I nearly spewed my tea when I saw the Thorin election poster. Not only is it incredibly funny, but here’s the thing: It’s an Irish photograph. I recognise the street corner in the background (Baggot St. Upper/Haddington Rd) because it is about 5 minutes away from where I live. And I have met the guy in the poster below Thorin (because we used to be in the same party) (and I probably voted for him *ggg*). How weird, how small is this world… (And now I will shut up again :-D)

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