Here’s TV spot No 5 and great GIFs from Jas!! Enjoy . . .

Me, My Thoughts, and Richard Armitage

…but I love it! It seems that with each new trailer we get new blink-and-you-missed-it clips. If I weren’t so incredibly interested in this movie *cough* and a certain actor, I’d probably not even note the new bits. As it is, each new clip make me smile ridiculously and long for December 14th even more than I thought possible.

We’ve seen Thorin and the dwarves run out to attack the trolls, but have we seen Thorin actually making contact with the troll before?

How cool is this going to look on the big screen and in 3D?


Only a month left to wait. Only a month left to wait. Only a month left to wait…I can’t be the only one repeating this like a mantra, can I?

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  1. The fight scenes of the Dwarves are spectacular. Thorin is so brave! but the rotating dwarf, I don’t think he is Thorin. He seems Fili, if I’m not mistaken. Thanks for posting.

      • After looking at about half a dozen times I’m pretty sure it is Thorin. Fili’s hair is not that long nor does he have that much fur on his “coat”. And after all, Thorin has been trained in dance has he not, and that is a pretty balletic move wouldn’t you say? 😉

        I’m almost beside myself with excitement as each new clip is revealed! 😀 I’m only going to get worse as the weeks pass I think!

        • I have to agree with your opinion, Teuchter. His hair looks too long and only Thorin’s coat has that particular “big pimpin'” LOL fur collar and trim. Plus, let’s face it, Armitage is much more likely to have those moves than any of the other guys. I keep trying to retain a relative amount of calm, but . . . *sigh* not easy.

          • It’s really hard, Isn’t it. I can almost hear the *squees* emanating from all over the world!! I REALLY think I’m going to need some kind of calming medication to see me through the movie or else I’ll either faint or utter some kind of non-human-sounding noises and disgrace myself! 😉 It’s not like I’m a teenager who might get off with such behaviour!!! 😀

              • What a great idea! Sadly, I doubt I could pull off anything like that. 😦 I’ll just have to rely on the fact that people will be much more interested in what is going on on the BIG screen to even notice a little old lady like me! 😉

              • Depends on how many people might know you, but the black wig could be an option, especially in a dark theatre where most people will be staring at the screen, regardless of any heavy breathing, drooling, or incoherent noises you may be making.

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