A ChaRActer of Great Troth: TAE Word for the Day


Troth: (noun) Faithfulness, fidelity or loyalty; one’s promise or word, especially when engaging oneself to marry.

Troth derives from a variation of truth in certain regions of England. Over time it has taken on a distinct meaning in certain phrases, such as “plighting one’s troth.”

The first character that came into my mind when I read this entry was a certain gentle giant: John Standring, that cripplingly shy and awkward Yorkshire farmer, a heart of gold beating beneath those blue coveralls, kindness in those earnest blue eyes,  an angelic sweetness in those smiles.

Sweetie John. Faithful in his love for Carol, even though he knows she loves another. A man who tries his best to help her in a time of need, who wants to love and protect her, telling his new wife to never feel as if she must keep secrets from him. John Standring, a truly good man who displays a great measure of troth.  Many’s the admirer of Sweetie John who longs to give him the TLC she feels he so richly deserves.

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  1. *sigh* John Standring is an adorable character, I love him .. I am touched with his sweetness and his sincere love. He deserves to be happy. Thanks for the lovely pics.

      • I certainly do! I just fear that Carol isn’t the one to give him that, as some fanfic writers have explored in detail. I think all of us would love to love Sweetie John.

        • He does, with all his heart and soul. I find myself hoping that in time, somehow Carol was able to heal enough that she could respond and reciprocate John’s TLC. But I do wonder if she is just too damaged . . . *sigh*

          • Some fanfic has Carol healing, but other stories have her die a suicide not long after Andrew. I can’t help but think the latter is likely. She is a tragic figure, but also selfish and dishonest.

            • The optimist in me wants to think she could get better and have a happy life with John, but part of me fears that she would end taking her own life one way or another or just disappearing (which would be absolutely horrible for John. Imagine his worry). It’s a sad situation.

  2. I was researching 12th century wedding ceremonies (nothing to do with RH) and even though it is later than that, I came across an early form of “… with my body I thee worship and with all my worldly goods I thee endow and thereto do I plight thee my troth.” Kinda sums it up, dontcha think?

    • Did both bride and groom say those words? Were females actually allowed to own “worldly goods” (I’m thinking of property mainly) back in the 12th century? Sorry if this is a stupid question..

      • In 12th century England, yes, women could hold property and often did. Marriage contracts were quite specific about who got what. Sometimes tthe wife’s father gave rights to his property to the husband, sometimes not. If the male head of household died in the Crusades and unless otherwise mandated, the widow inherited the property she had been managing. Although primogeniture was the rule, rather than the exception, sometimes the only heir was female and if she were of age, the property would come to her. The danger lay when she was not of age and could be treated like chattel by her liege lord, as happened to Marian in RH where Vasey could sell her and Knighton off to the highest bidder, or when the widow was bypassed in favour of a son, who then turned her out or treated her like a servant.

        By the 12th century, the Church got involved in marriage and decreed that a priest was needed to consecrate the vows (and bestow the “kiss of Christ” on the groom) and the female’s consent was required (although in practice it could be coerced). The vows the female said were similar, by way of expressing her consent. There was no “You may now kiss the bride”, although the groom then lifted the “veil”, usually a gauze dyed saffron yellow (very expensive) as symbolic of taking her virginity. Before, all you needed was a contract, usually between the parents of the couple.

        • I remember when I was doing some research on Dangerous to Know so I could write about Guy and Marian’s wedding ceremony and the feast being amused at the idea of Guy being kissed by a priest. 😉

  3. Ooooh! I always love your posts, but specially this one: sweetie John…<3… He makes me daydream so much, I just want to cuddle him and protect him… Carol just stay away from him, he's mine!! 😀

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