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  1. Oh, yeah, I want to stay in the cabin with Thorin and let the temperature rise. “Here, let me help you take off that heavy coat and let’s put those heavy boots on the drying rack. You can set your weapons in the corner. Now, let’s sit here by the fire…”

      • That it is. Ages ago, in one of those home magazine’s Christmas issue, there was a picture of a cabin interior with a stone fireplace, a sofa with a good-sized footstool, a wool throw that looked very soft, large mugs on a butler’s table, a Douglas fir in the corner, and a window that revealed snow falling outside. I want to take Thorin there.

        • I think she’d love to have some TLC from Thorin. She just adores Benny. She will stretch out across his lap and purr to beat the band. I think she has great taste in men. As I told Benny earlier, all the females, human and otherwise, in our family love him. 😉

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