OK, it’s technically a woman’s magazine . . .


But you’ve got to admit, he’s got some serious allure going for him. Not to mention sex appeal.

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  1. Haven’t the editors figured out that more women would buy the magazine with alluring Thorin on the cover *sigh* than some covergirl in makeup and an outfit we would never wear?

  2. Very good!! I thought it was real at first glance! I’m at home with a ‘lousy stinking’ cold..GP put me on antibiobiotics. Feeling yuk.:-( Hope your finger is better,Angie!

      • Just looking at RA pics makes me feel a bit better.. Glad your finger is better. Yes he’s a fantastic cover boy..so much better than the likes of Channing T who was just named sexiest man alive by People magazine..

        • I finally saw a movie where Channing Tatum impressed me (not that I thought he was an awful actor, he just didn’t click for me) and it was, of all things, “21 Jump Street,” the parody of the old TV show that he made with Jonah Hill. He’s got a real gift for comedy which hadn’t come through in the other roles I had seen him in. I howled with laughter during some parts of that movie, which really surprised ME. Of course, I still don’t think he’s the Sexiest Man Alive. I think I need not tell you who my choice for that is. 😉

          • What is the matter with the editors at People Magazine? Or is it me? After feasting for so long on photos of someone with true beauty, intelligence, sensitivity, class, all adding up to enormous sex appeal for me, I come up with a complete blank for Channing T. RA has completely captured my loyalty. The only others I find interesting are those who resemble him.

            Today is Guy Thursday for me. From 3 to 5 pm WETA UK in the DC area runs two episodes of RH–I get to see RA on a screen bigger than my iPad. I can’t wait for Thorin on a huge screen. The Hobbit will be playing for a while. I do intend to regale myself on it more than twice!

            • It’s the same reaction I’ve had to a lot of their choices over the years. I can see why a lot of people would go for someone like Tatum–I understand it–but at the same time, he doesn’t push the right buttons for me. Neither did Ryan Reynolds when he was the choice a couple of years ago. Yes, they are handsome and fit and talented and probably very nice guys. But RA, on the other hand, is the total package and pushes all the buttons, bells and whistles. My favorite choice thus far by People has been Hugh Jackman.

              • Hugh was my favourite of the lot so far too. Sometimes though I have a feeling this Sexiest Man thing is not so much about sexiness but about what kind of movie you were in. In Channing Tatum’s case that’s Magic Mike where he of course got to take his kit off…I have to say his torso looks kind of weird on some of the pictures!

            • CT might be an OK actor (haven’t seen him in anything) but for me his eyes are just- empty. It may be the photographer’s fault, who knows, CT may be a very bright guy but he doesn’t come across as that to me. And his body does absolutely nothing for me either. He’s buff, so what?

        • I, too, am glad your finger is better, Angie — very relieved you didn’t break it. *sends naughty box fan to its room*

          My reaction was “Channing who?” Doesn’t do a thing for me.

        • Murderous? I sincerely hope not!!! No side effects so far, but no positive effects either- my throat started hurting like hell last night, my sinuses are still far from OK.. And I’m taking the last tablet tonight so.. Dunno. Hope things improve by Monday..Otherwise I’ll have to go back to the doctor.

          • Okay, Judit. This weekend: (1) drink lots of fluids, preferably hot, such as chicken broth, tea, honey + hot water + lemon (+ brandy if you can), so that you stay hydrated and your throat gets some relief from the sinus drip irritation; (2) sleep with your upper body propped up on pillows, so that gravity helps drain your sinuses; (3) use a vaporiser or a humidifier to help the congestion move; and (4) try some anti-mucous medicine, AND REST. Garlic and Vitamin C are said to help, but they don’t seem to work the same way for everyone. Good luck!

            • Thanks for the tips Leigh! I doubt I could sleep in the position you described though! 🙂 I haven’t got a humidifier or vaporiser unfortunately, nor do I have any alcohol in the house. 🙂 But I’ll try to drink more tea with honey. Have to get more honey tomorrow as I’m running low. Haven’t been out today.

              • Do pharmacies deliver in your neighborhood? Or can you phone a friend? A vaporiser will likely do you a lot of good. I hope one would be as inexpensive as they are in the U.S. If this isn’t an option, try to run a very steamy shower with the bathroom door closed and sit in there, breathing the steam, as long as you can. You don’t have to be in the water spray to get the benefit. Another method is to boil water, pour it into a bowl, and lean over the bowl with a towel over your head so you are breathing the confined steam.

              • Thank you for your concern, girls! Truly appreciate it! Now that I’m feeling better I’ll have a look around for a vaporiser. The air in my flat is very dry (I live in a concrete block of flats). I’m taking a probiotic so hopefully this antibiotic I just finished won’t affect my digestive system. I’m allergic to sulfameta…. too; I once had hives broken out all over my body just from 1 tablet! I was itching like hell! It was scary but I took a soluble calcium supplement, went to bed and the hives were gone for the morning. Phew! Never taken that particular type of antibiotic again. 🙂

            • As for the “murderous” part, unless you go into shock because of a violent allergic reaction, you are not in danger. Antibiotics try to kill the bad bacteria but they kill the normal good ones, too. So, they can ruin your digestion, turn your innards to liquid acid, allow Candida albicans to flourish in your mucous membranes, and give you hives if you’re mildly allergic, You just feel even worse. When you have finished the course(s) of medicine, try eating yoghurt and taking probiotics to restore your body’s normal flora.

              • I almost died as a baby after being injected with penicillin. I turned yellow, my eyes started to bulge out and I was going into convulsions. Fortunately, they did whatever was necessary to counteract what it was doing to me. You won’t be surprised to hear they determined I am allergic to it (and sulfa drugs as well).

                I even have to be careful with some of the mycin drugs. I broke out in horrible hives once whilst taing minomycin (sp?) for a sinus infection. Those five day packs–I can’t remember the name–have worked pretty well for me, in part because I am not taking the stuff for 10 days to 2 weeks. Antibiotics make me feel very tired and sluggish and affect my IBS like crazy. But sometimes they are a necessary evil.

              • You obviously have severe allergies to penicillin and sulfa. I hope you wear a Medicalert bracelet or pendant, so you wouldn’t be given these when you were unconscious, say, after an accident. Even here in Europe, paramedics and ER personnel recognize the symbol and check.

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