Thorin Thursday: New Fanart!


In the sixth (or seventh, depending on who’s counting) TV spot, we got new scenes with Thorin. DJ at Heirs of Durin did some capping and I played around with some of her screencaps of our favorite dwarf.

Here he is in sepia:

And in living color:

And some artwork based on a photo from the Movie Guide:

And some more stuff:

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      • Oh *purring* I played the “Santa Guy” vid last night and it put me in the mood for Christmas, Looking through recipes, talking to the butcher about ordering turkey and a beef roast, etc. Now I have a soft warm kitten sleeping next to me. Lucky loved the poached minced turkey I made for him last night, and this morning he had all of his milk replacement and water-pack tuna, plus some kitten kibble. Good boy! The paper shopping bag was a hit. But I think I’d better try to give Lucky a manicure later today. Most of the time, he plays “velvet paws” but sometimes he forgets. Those tiny claws are nice and strong, and very sharp!

        • I have an idea for another Christmas vid with Thorin. 😉 I am going to fix some crock-pot stew later today–not particularly holiday fare, but perfect for cooler weather, being hearty, stick-to-your ribs fare. The recipe is a variation on traditional Brunswick or camp stew, a long-time favorite in the south. The recipe calls for chicken and ground beef, along with chopped onion, corn, tomatoes, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and some hot sauce, but we also add in diced potatoes and butter (lima) beans to ours.

          Little Lucky continues to sound just delightful–dearest Thumper was sleeping on my thigh earlier and snoring ever so gently, this sweet little whiffling sound. I stayed very still so I wouldn’t disturb her. She finally woke up and asked to be let out–I suppose she’s gone and curled up with Benny by now if the door was open.

          • A friend of mine does a “medieval stew” — lean beef with onions and root vegetables — but yours sounds very New World with the corm, tomatoes, ketcup, potatoes, and lima beans.

            Sweet Thumper, she is such a good companion. Lucky is completely delightful. His coat shone in the sunshine today. He’s getting a little meat on his bones now, and he’s teething. We didn’t get to the manicure today because I was really tired. He is now busy alternating between chasing his tail, cleaning himself, and attacking my belt buckle. We just started the next phase of kitten kibble; his food seems expensive, but it’s less per day than mine and he’s thriving on it. Before long, he’ll settle down for the night.

            • Yes, very New World. The original settlers (and there’s an argument between Brunswick, Ga. and the one in the Carolinas over who “invented” it) would use squirrel and venison; we’ve always stuck with chicken and beef. The Eastern Star and Masonic Lodge in our little community of Honoraville used to make it as a fundraiser. They cooked it in giant cast iron cauldrons over an open fire in a sheltered pit next to the lodge (which was upstairs over the “old church” a two-story wood structure which dated back to the late 19th century). They made it with and without onions and you could order it in advance by the pint and quart.

            • Lucky sounds he continues to be an absolute gem. We had a cat, Mary Ann, who used to go tub-thumping. She would chase her tail in the (empty) tub and you’d hear the thump–thump sound downstairs. 😉

              • heh-heh That’s one thing I love about cats. They are so clever and a bit bonkers when it comes to amusing themselves. This morning I caught Lucky swinging on my skirt, but his little claw got caught. He complained when I rescued him. Must do manicure today.

              • They are endlessly entertaining in their own feline way. Callie gets an occasional bout of the cat crazies and tears through the house at 90 mph, bouncing off furniture. I wish I had that much energy! Even Thumper can move amazingly fast at times considering she’s missing a leg.

  1. The first two pics are my favourite, He is so charming. I stop to look at him, and again and again.. Thanks Angie, Have a good Thorin Thurdsday! I hope your fingers get better.

  2. WOW Angie these are brilliant. The first two are my favourites as well. My tie in books have arrived and my Thorin mug has been shipped. I’m in HEAVEN!!! **sigh**

  3. Terrific! I like the book idea, Richard on every page! For all of the people out there fussing about how Richard is too young to play Thorin, this new spot shows him as an older, more weary dwarf instead of young, glamour dwarf. You can see that he really is going to be showing his age in parts of the movie. When he’s not fired up and ready to kill that is. I believe I read him talking about it in one of those interviews. (There are still people fussing about him and his beard on Facebook. But not so many anymore!)

    • Always gonna be haters, complainers, fussbudgets. I just ignore them. But I thought the same thing, Laurie. You see, not the dashing dwarf prince, but the older dwarf, still very fit and keen to regain all belonging rightfully to his family and his people that was lost, but burdened by the weight of the expectations upon him. He’s all too aware of his responsibilities and you can see if in his face. If an older actor had been cast, I don’t think he could have realistically played the younger glamour dwarf and the older Thorin, too; in Richard, we have someone in midlife who can successfully bridge the years.

      • Thorin at 200 is still very fit and active. He can swing Orcrist, run, leap, spin around, and not even be short of breath. Richard can not only portray the young dwarf prince, but he has the strength and energy to portray the older Thorin, still fighting fit. I can’t think of a single older actor who could do that.

        • Dwarves live long lives and seem to remain quite hearty and fit compared to humans. If Thorin was as ancient and rather decrepit in human terms as he is depicted to be in some artwork I have seen outside of the movie sphere, he’d be winded before he ever made it back out Bilbo’s front door, never mind leading a quest, battling goblins, orcs and dragons, etc. I think when some fans think “older” they simply aren’t taking all that into account. Richard will be completely believable in all phases of the story, I am certain. I am afraid an older actor would end up requiring a lot of work to be done by a stunt double, would still be much more likely to be injured and simply would not likely move with the agility and grace and athleticism that Richard brings to the role. Sir Peter knows what he’s doing, folks.

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