Thorin Thursday: Thoughts on The Dwarf & The Wizard


I was struck by this photo from the first moment I saw it in The Hobbit: The Official Movie Guide.  I have gone back several times to study it.

There’s the spectacular beauty of the New Zealand scenery, of course; with vistas such as this and the famed hospitality of its residents, no wonder many of the cast members were a bit sad to leave it behind.

But I found myself focused on the two men standing in the center of the photo, two tall bearded figures engaged in conversation, apparently on a break between shooting scenes on location.

It must be a cold day; Sir Ian is wearing a cozy-looking coat over his costume, which is far less bulky than the Dwarf actors’ gear is. Richard, with his dwarf padding and fur-trimmed coat, was probably glad for the cooler temperatures.

I wonder what they are talking about– is it something to do with the next scene, going over lines, or a topic as mundane as what the craft service provided for lunch?

Is the “old wizard” sharing words of wisdom with the younger man? Or are they simply discussing what a beautiful day it is to be alive . . .

I imagine their working relationship to be a mutually beneficial one, bouncing ideas off one another, each bringing out the best in the other. Richard is always at his optimum onscreen when he is acting opposite talented, inspired performers such as Sir Ian.

Two actors, more than a generation apart, both English gentlemen dedicated to their craft. The more I read of Sir Ian and his charitable endeavors, the more I am convinced he is as down-to-earth and generous of spirit as I believe his younger counterpart to be.

I am so glad Richard had the opportunity to work with someone of the calibre of Sir Ian McKellen. And I am so glad Sir Ian had the chance to work with someone of the calibre of Richard Armitage. They both deserve it.

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        • Reading about Sir Ian’s charitable project in a recent issue of EW, it just sounded so much like something I could see Richard doing. We already know how enthusiastic he is about supporting worthy causes. And the good Lord knows some of the other sirs and dames don’t have anything on his talent.

            • Speaking of dames and knights, I saw the tail end of the Britannia Awards on BBCA, and there was a taped message to Daniel Craig (British actor of the year or some sort thing) and Dame Judi, who plays M in the Bond films, said at the end, with a very straight face, that she wanted to “kiss you. On the mouth. With my tongue half-way down your throat.” And then she cracked up as did Craig. I have to confess Richard popped into my mind . . . and wicked thoughts followed.

              • Oh, yeah, wicked thoughts… very familiar with those. Just imagine Richard kneeling before you, you’ve got the sword in your hand ready to tap him on each shoulder, but you have a sudden attack of wicked thoughts, right there in front of your husband, God, and everybody. Your heart is racing and you suddenly feel quite warm. Everyone is waiting. You quickly catch yourself before that drop of drool escapes and everyone thinks you’re senile. No, you’re not senile; you just wish you were young again and there wasn’t anyone else around. You try not to drop the sword. You have been through so much; you can do this…

              • OK, I’m trying hard to get the mental image of DC out of my head and replace it with Richard’s…there. Feeling a bit better now. I saw one minute of the latest Bond movie on TV in a programme about product placement (how apt), it was the bit where Bond introduced himself and for me DC was very unconvincing. And I know he’s supposed to be the best Bond ever. Just didn’t do anything for me.

              • Daniel Craig is a good actor and from what I understand, really dedicated to his roles, but the It factor is not there for me. Plain and simple.

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