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Guyday Friday: In Case You Haven’t Noticed . . . I love Guy.


I love Guy. Always will. He knows how dedicated I am to my dark knight. Oh, he’s not perfect, he’s got his flaws like everyone else; perhaps his demons are darker than those others battle.  And he is a product of his times, of harsh and brutal times that cannot be accurately viewed through a lens focused on the 21st century.

Still, he is capable of gentleness and kindness as well as brutality and harshness. There is goodness within him, an inherent nobility, that desire to be the better man.  He wants what many of us want: a home and a family, someone to love and to be loved by in return.

He is hungry for something to fill the void in his life: power and wealth don’t bring it. When he falls truly, deeply in love, he finally recognizes what he has been missing. He begins to rediscover his humanity, that very thing the poisonous Vasey had preached so vociferously against.

There is a certain gullibility and naivety in Sir Guy that simply wrenches at my heart. I want my big, strong, commanding knight to look out for me, but I also want to do the same for the wounded child inside of him.  I want to be the family he no longer has.

And yes, he is beautiful. breathtakingly, jaw-droppingly, heart-stoppingly beautiful, my dark knight, beautiful and intense, magnetic and irresistible.

I love Guy. Always will.  As I will the wonderful, talented, insightful, creative, kind, and beautiful man who brought him to life. Thank you, Richard.

Sir Guy: You Just Can’t Keep a Good Baddie Down!


It’s hard out there for a medieval henchman in a “family-friendly” show. Poor Guy got thwarted left and right and was constantly berated by the troll, who could have easily won an award as Worst Boss Ever. But the thing about our Hot Velvet Henchman is this: he never gave up. He took a lickin’ and kept on tickin’.

And in S3, our angsty, angry, lion-maned anti-hero really wowed us . . .

A little tongue-in-cheek tribute set to some hard-rockin’ AC/DC (a perfect choice for Guy, wouldn’t you say?) Everybody now, nod your head in a sassy fashion with the music and do a little “air drumming” and sing along!! (even if you can only do it in your head)