Daily Archives: November 17, 2012

I am trying to restrain myself, honestly . . .


As I don’t wish to cram too much holiday cheer down anyone’s throat.  But what can I say, I’ve been watching those darned Hallmark Christmas movies again, and thinking about Christmases past.

My sister S and I used to pore over the Sears & Roebuck Christmas Catalog (the “Wish Book“) after its arrival in mid-October each year. We’d spend hours looking avidly at its colorful images of art supplies, Barbies, board games, books and other delights we hoped to find under the tree come December 25. We’d make our lists, hoping Santa would deem us worthy . . .

This year, I feel as if, to some degree, Christmas has already arrived. I’ve had such pleasure poring over the Hobbit books, the calendar, gazing at the glorious Empire cover, playing with my action figure, knowing there are other goodies still to come. I will see Richard in big screen glory as Thorin a week before Christmas even gets here. And before that will be all the excitement of the movie’s premieres and new opportunities to see Richard dazzle on the red carpet. What a truly stellar holiday season it shall be!

Really, what I want for Christmas is the same sort of present many of you want, I suspect. It’s the wonder and excitement of being part of this very special holiday for our favorite TDHBEW, as the world discovers what we already know–what an extraordinary actor this guy is. And so much more.

Richard Armitage: the gift that keeps on giving.

Look who is waiting to make the season bright for us this year . . .

It’s not December yet–but it’s getting a lot closer . . .

I’ll be channeling a bit of Gerri this winter . . .


courtesy of amazon.com

I needed new pajamas. I wanted something other than the usual plaid flannel. And I ran across the ones you see pictured above at Amazon . . .

Now, the background color and the pattern are a bit different, but they still reminded me of someone–


Richard Armitage as Harry Kennedy, aka the Handsome Stranger and his Vicar, Geraldine (Dawn French). She’s wearing Harry’s favorite PJs after her lovely wedding dress is ruined. Courtesy of RANet

Hopefully my “Harry Kennedy” will like these on his sweetheart as much as the vicar’s did.  And they do look nice and comfy, don’t they?

And I am getting myself something I have always wanted. A bed jacket. Something to put on while I am reading, watching TV or reading in bed and the rest of me is snug beneath the covers.  Right now,  a tie-dyed print sweatshirt hoodie with a broken zipper is serving as a stand-in.

I didn’t want some frilly pastel beribboned number  like the ones worn in the old black and white films I love to watch (as fetching as said jackets look). However, a comfortable jacket with a bit of style to it–something that didn’t scream “geriatric”–was desirable.  And then I found this little number:


courtesy of amazon.com

Do you think the vicar and Harry would approve?